How old was your child when they learned how to ride a bike?

How old was your child when they learned to ride a bike with/without training wheels? And did they have a balance bike before hand?


My son is soon to be 4 and he has been riding a bike with training wheels for the last 1-1.5 years I believe

3 with training wheels. He is almost 5 and can pretty much go without.

my step son is 7 and he still uses training wheels

My daughter is close to 4 and have never ridden a bike before and she immediately knew what to do when we got hers. She has only been riding it for a couple of months

Rides with training wheels since 2.

2 on a trike, 3 with training wheels; we tried to take them off but he didn’t like it and refuses to try right now so 5 with training wheels.

About 4.5 with out training wheels. No balance bike - just unbalanced training wheels before removing.

Depends on the confidence of the child

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My son is 4 and rides without training wheels for a few months now and my daughter was around 6 when she stopped using training wheels

My son started with the tricycle at almost 2 and by 3 was riding he is almost 4 and does pretty good without training wheels

And they have had some kind of bike since they were one

My son started with a balance bike at age 2 and he was riding a pedal bike by his 4th birthday, not once did he use training wheels. The balance bike was well worth the money

My Granddaughter has been riding without trainers since she was 4, now shes 6. Her brother since he was 3. Now hes 4. No balance bike.

My first son he started riding with training wheels around 3 (he was 5 when he learned to ride without). My daughter is 2 & rides her tricycle with no problem & yes they both had balance.

My one son was two years old riding a two wheeler.

Started my oldest on a balance bike when he was 1, he went straight to a two wheeler no training wheels the week before his 3rd birthday.

My last three are 3,4,5 and won’t try with out training wheels. They’re afraid. They love riding with them though and have been since age two.

2 with training wheels …fully learned without training wheels at age 3 1/2

We did balance bike until around 4yrs…and I believe it made it so much easier for him to ride regular bike.