How old were you when you got your tubes tied and how did it go?

I will be getting my tubes tied Monday. I am 36 years old. My question is, any of you mommas out the same age as me when you had yours tied? How were the experience and recovery? Any changes to your moods, periods, etc.? Any complications? I’m asking because not too long ago, I saw many young (20s) mothers say they ended up needing a hysterectomy later on. Some said periods got worse. I was just trying to get an idea for around my age, lol. Thank you!

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Following I’m 25 and get mine tied next Friday

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I’m 31 and got mine done after my 2nd c section. My periods suck. They were heavy until I went to the dr and got a Rx to help the bleeding and I also got pregnant. My clips passed when I had a period and then ended up having a tubal pregnancy

Following. 23 getting mine tied next month.

I had mine done after my last child at the age of 32. Honestly, I wish I had never done it. Everyone’s bodies are different, but my experience hasn’t been the greatest. My periods only last about 3 days, but those 3 days are hell. Lots of cramps and lots of bleeding. The doctor says nothing is wrong, but it started this way after I had them done… so…:woman_shrugging:
The doctor told me time may change it and I keep waiting for it to, but 2 years later and it’s the same.:woman_facepalming:

Hi there. I have endometriosis so bad they had to fully remove my tubes. Im 26. It felt like i had ALOT of gas that wouldnt leave, coughing and sneezing was terrible lol. But pain wasnt too bad. I was up walking around with help the next day. I would recommend laying on either side as laying flat on my bad felt like i was ripping my cuts open. But in all wasnt bad! Prayers for a safe procedure and recovery!!!

I’ll be 37, Monday and I had mine done 5 years ago. Everyone is different. Ive heard so many different stories…but for me it was the best thing I did. Knowing I was fixed, actually boosted my sex drive and my periods are lighter and shorter. Before 7 days, now 3 days tops…sometimes 2 and a half and its gone. But every body is different

When you’re on birth control your periods are on schedule and my be painless and lighter than if you weren’t on hormonal birth control therefore when you get a tubal ligation that is your form of birth control thus stopping any other types which now hormones are just what you produce naturally making your cycles heavy, crampy, and not on a 28 day cycle

24 went just fine. I had a csection so I was already open. No regrets

I got mine tied during my c section in 2017 at 33. Only thing thats changed for me is I cramp more about 3/4 days before my period.

I had mine done 16 yrs ago and everything is fine with me.

My doctor said theyve decreased tying ladies tubes because if those reasons.

Age 30. Tubes removed. Sore for about 3 days. Hurt to laugh but super easy recovery. Periods are heavy. But if youve been on contraceptive your whole life your used to light shorter periods. Moods have been stable, sex drive is better.

I think the guys should be the ones who get a vasectomy. My hubby had one 5 months ago and recovery was so quick along with the procedure itself

I’m 24 & got mine done a year ago. I regret it. My periods are terrible and I have severe pain CONSTANTLY. I have bad headaches too. But the only good thing, is that it’s different for everyone. Good luck :two_hearts:

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I had mine done 11 years ago and my periods are freaking death. I cramp and bleed way more now than before.


I was 35 periods got way worse.

Got a tubal last month, I’m 26. So far the worst thing was that I had really bad neck and shoulder pain afterwards and I needed to get a alignment. Haven’t had a period YET, don’t know when it’ll be since I’m breastfeeding. But it’s an outpatient procedure… if they ask you if you want anything for the nervous feeling while you wait, say yes

I was 26 …cut , tied and burnt…no issues at all . Very minimal bruising and not really any pain. Periods have not changed.

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28 and my period became the period from hell!