How old were you when your mom stopped saying I love you?

How old were you when your mom stopped telling you “I love you”. I think I was about 7 the last time I heard my mom say that to me.


My mom told me that she loved me every day of her life!!! I have told my boys i love then every day also and i will until i die!!!

27 and she tells me several times a phone calls. :sparkling_heart:

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My mom still tells me she loves me. I’m 34.

40 years old and we never miss a day without saying it. Ever

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My mom still tells me she loves me…I am 49. I tell me kids every time I speak or text them…almost daily.

My mom never stop telling me she loved me. Until she passed when I was 37 years old

My mom never told me she loved me I tell my daughter every time I talk to her

She never stopped until she died.

31 years old, on April 25th 2012. The day she died was the last time I heard those words from her. RIP mamma.

My mom said it to me today like 5 times.

She hasn’t ever stopped and I’m 35. She’s 57. As long as we are breathing there is always a way to tell someone I love you. And if no ones told you today; then just know I love you; and so do so many others.


My mom still tells me every single night before she goes to bed, and whenever I leave her

28 and my mum stil says “i love you my baby”

My mom kids and sister do not ever leave or hang up the phone without saying it!!!

I’m sorry you ever stopped hearing it, but that cycle can stop with you. If you have children, you can say it til the day you die and you’ll never regret it.

Never! Sweetheart you don’t have a Mother, you have an egg donor!


My mom didn’t freely say I love you but would say it if we said it first … It was because of how she was raised … She showed it though … I tell my children every chance I get … They are 26, 23 and 21

My mom never told me that. Ever. My Dad did when I was 51.

This post makes me miss my mom cherish that woman while she’s still around you will miss her when she’s gone