How safe is getting your tubes tied?

I’m thinking of getting my tubes tied and want to know whether it’s been effective for other mamas. Meaning there were no unplanned pregnancies. Also is the procedure safe and what is the recovery time?


Had my done 14 yrs ago. No pregnancies. Was sore for recovery and up on my feet again in 2 days. They went threw my belly button.


I got my fallopian tubes removed. I was down for about 3 days. No issues!

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I have alot of friends who regret it just because its made their periods so horrible


Had mine done about 4 yrs ago. Best thing ever. No down time. Super easy recovery

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I got mine done during a c section 7 years ago. No issues. Just wish I didn’t have a period anymore lol

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I had mine done several years ago. I wish I never would have done it. It’s been nonstop health issues since. The cramps and periods are unbearable. Never had any of these issues before having my tubes tied.

I had my fallopian tubes removed a year ago and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Birth control sucked for me and while I still get my period it’s been great. Occasionally I get awful cramps and they hurt so much I throw up but that isn’t necessarily because of that. I just am always sick when it’s that time of the month.
Cramping after was minimal and it didn’t make me start my period early or anything. But if you have it done, a heating pad was a life saver after!

Done during c section almost 12 years ago. No issues with recovery. Probably a little more sore than if I just did the c section. Periods and cramps were bad for a few years after. No pregnancies or any scares. No regrets at all.

Have had mine done since 2012, no ectopic pregnancies here.

I had it done 3 years ago right after/during my c-section. I had bad cramping so I have an iud now but besides that have been great and I used to get pregnant super easily.

I’m getting mine cut, tied and burned after I have this baby. I was told that if you just have them tied, they can come untied.

My friend got hers done I wanna say 7 years ago and she told me about having really bad periods since getting them tied. Only thing thats stopped me. Good luck in your decision

I got mine done in January of 2014 and just had to have my right tube removed because I had an ectopic pregnancy. They found a 7wk gestation fetus with a heartbeat of 81. It’s been a heartbreaking experience. I JUST got out of the hospital today.


I’ve had mine tied for 12 years. No trouble at all.

I had mine removed 5 years ago. Zero recovery, went snowmobiling the next day. No pregnancies either. My periods are shorter and longer apart.

Had mine 4 years ago got pregnant July 23 2019 had miscarriage aug 26 2019. And some months I have two periods

I had mine tubes removed with my c-section about 11 months ago and so far no issues except more cramping during my period.

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Vasectomies are a lot easier and less risk.


A little sore for two days. In I did just give birth to twins having tubes tied 2014 and 2016. That is right it fail twice. Swimmers made past so that scare tissue. So just got my tubes removed least month ago. We both got fix this time​:rofl::rofl:. Periods was the same some what lighter no cramps.