How should I discipline my 3 year old?

We are looking for ways to discipline a nearly three-year-old boy. He’s just started to throw everything, not listening, spitting water everywhere. We have told him no, tapped him on the hand if he does something dangerous like trying to open the oven while it’s on, the naughty step, and nothing seems to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Dont give up. Hes testing his limits. My almost 3 year old does it to. Hes been getting better as the time goes on. He started to hate getting in trouble

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I put mine in a time out chair and everytime she gets up i put her right back in it till she gets it. Somedays it takes all day but she is getting better. Just takes alot of patience​:heart::heart:

I am a firm believer in natural consequences for behavioral issues, good or bad.

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Keep doing what you’re doing. I agree that he is testing you and seeing what limits he has. It’s like a little light switch goes off in their head and they realize they have an opinion. Or that they can say no back. He’s definitely testing you. You are doing wonderful!

Time out is definitely still a thing for us too!

Colour chart… To show when your angry and happy! If he stays on happy for X amount of time you praise him with a treat :slight_smile: this worked with my daughter till she was 6! :slight_smile:

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Being consistent is key!

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Ignore the behavior NOT the child. Dont say anything after the first time putting him on the step. He is looking for attention he gets it everytime you talk to him. But when the “punishment” is done then say wow I liked the way you sat there and thats it.

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My boy is same age…I also use timeouts, but sometimes that doesn’t work. I have recently started taking things away instead. That has been working well along with timeouts.


Okay so for my oldest: throwing stuff I took whatever it was a way and continued to do it with everything they threw until they had nothing left and explained that they wouldn’t get those things back next time (2nd time I literally put them in a trashcan with a clean bag just for scare) and as for the oven issue I preheated it to about 275 (barely hot but hot enough for them to realize it’s hot which in most cases is uncomfortable) and had them put one finger on the door VERY briefly, enough for them to get the understanding that it is hot and also not a toy. If none of the above help, honestly with my youngest nothing did, until I “accidentally” let a toy hit me and pretended like it really truly hurt (depending on what it is it actually might) for her I basically had to physically let something “hurt” me by one of her actions or she wouldn’t understand (she’s got a learning disability currently being rediagnosed by a specialist at a children’s hospital because her previous Dr (kids psych) wasn’t doing any further evaluation

Mine is what I say deliberately disobedient. He listens when he wants otherwise he is off the wall and hard to discipline. Just have to try and stay consistent!! You got this! Day by day!


Whatever contingency you have in place for a specific behavior, use it and be consistent. The behavior is most likely to get worse before it gets better. Sooner or later he will understand that when he does x, y happens, and then the behavior will start to decrease. Good luck!

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I guess i was raised different lol. Here in the southern USA, i got my ass whooped as a kid. Not too hard of course, but enough to let me know that i needed to correct that behavior lol

Time out. Find a place where they have to put their face in the corner. Walk past them and ignore them. If he 3 start with 3 minutes ask them what they did wrong if he can’t tell you start over. This worked with my two kids. But stay in there momma. You just have to find what works

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Beat his ass!!1980s !

Time out works for us. And we put those latches on the oven too.

Give her a spank period , I’m not talking about abuse or anything , once in a while they need to listen and sometimes the only way is from a spank :woman_shrugging:t4:


If they are throwing them take the thing they threw away from them don’t give it them back…

Tbh I can’t really give advice for this as my nearly 5 year old daughter never did anything like that, she never hit another child either, she was a very behaved child up until she got into school in September and she now is one little gobby girl😂typical girls I say hahahaha xxx

One of mine use to throw things constantly. I got to where everything he threw that was his went into a garbage bag. I eventually managed to collect all of his favorite toys and kept them in the bag and he had to earn them back through good choices. That was his motivator. Each of mine had a different thing that motivated them though.


Sometimes when they do this it is actually an impulse thing rather than a disobedience thing. Particularly if he is in the right schema and his needs aren’t being met. My son was in the trajectory schema (motion) for a long time and did this regularly. When we finally clicked on and started making more motion toys accessible for him (balls, cars, water play etc) the ‘disobedient’ throwing and hitting went away as his needs were being met. I.e he not longer had the impulse to do it because it was being fulfilled throughout his day. Maybe have a look at the trajectory schema and see