How should I go about finding out who my sons father is?

I have a fan question, and I would like to remain anonymous, please. I’m seeking advice on how to handle the situation regarding the paternity of my son. When I was 18, I was very wild and college and slept around a lot. In January of 2017, at age 19, I found out I was pregnant. About six guys are the possible father of my child. My son is now 32 months, and I am feeling conflicted about what to do as he gets older and asks questions. Each guy knows I got pregnant, but we never discussed that he could be theirs, so we just stopped talking. Should I ask them each for a paternity test so I can have some answers and let my son decide if one day he’d like to pursue meeting them or just leave it alone since they knew I was pregnant and never asked if he could be theirs? I’m really just lost on what to do.


Uhhh. Find out who that kids dad is. You need the medical history at the very least.


You can’t go back to that week they think you conceived to narrow it down? I mean I partied hard but six in one week is…well dang lol. I think they deserve to know they have a child. If roles were reversed you’d be pissed not to know I’m sure. But also make sure you are mature enough to understand you’ll probably have to share now.


I’d ask every one of them to take a DNA test.

DNA test for each one is really the only way.


I would narrow it down. I couldn’t live not knowing. If he looks shockingly different from any of the guys I probably would start with the ones he looks most like?


If you know for sure who the possible father is… then yes… ask. the worst they can do is say no, because establishing paternity does open them up to being responsible for child support.


Do it for the future. Some day you may want or medically need to know. People move leave and change. Do it for the father to have a chance to step up also.


Take a test make all do it

I personally would try to find out. What if something happens to the baby medically when it gets older you would need to know the fathers medical history.


If you can make a chart based on the baby’s birth date…then going back 9 months, perhaps you can nail down who you were with at the time of conception. Good luck, Unless as April mentioned you can get them all to take a DNA test…Take them on the Lauren Lake court show…she does all those DNA tests…and would likely love to help you with your problem. Again, Good luck!


Maybe theyre wondering too…just cause one guy says fuck no doesnt mean one will

get paternity test from all of them.

Go and ask all of them for a DNA test. Find out who is dad is then maybe the dad May want to step up and raise his son. Give your child and the dad the opportunity of a relationship. Don’t like your embarrassment get in the way


Honestly your son deserves to know who is father is I would have those 6 guys take a DNA test and then go from there… you can do a at home DNA test or go to wherever one is offered and have it done…


Call Maury at least he could contact them for u and you wouldn’t have to pay for every test? Not judging you bc I was wild myself but 6 may call for some professional help


Do dna testing. Dont expect them to be nice, but hey, they fooled around too. You need to know who for child’s health history.


So many people have a similar past, I commend you for owning it! I don’t know how accurate it is, but I’ve heard that those ancestry tests also kind of operate like dna tests… ?!


Your child deserves to know who their dad is.
And even if those men you slept around with don’t seem to show interest, their mothers ect might. That baby deserves that


Line the babys picture up too you maybe able to narrow it down

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