How should I handle my child being bullied at school?

What do you do when your kids are being bullied at school and you actually witness it?


Principal first and give them the opportunity to stop it. If they don’t go directly to the bullies parents yourself. Been there done that

Be firm, be loud, and do not back down until it is handled correctly. Keep going up the school chain of command as needed to get shit taken care of

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After dealing with a principal that pushed things under the rug, I finally went in the school and told him straight up, either he could deal with it or I would. And if I had to deal with it I’d make damn sure he didnt have a job when I was done.

I bully, the bully. I lived in the inner city, it was a gang, I made them understand the I would protect my child at all costs.

Punch the biggest in the mouth , that usually works. :+1::thinking::sunglasses:


Well first off. Is he being bullied, or the possible … “Miscommunication” or “Misunderstanding”
I’ve explained to mine to try understand first, maybe what they have said isn’t exactly what they mean but at home that’s how they talk so it is their “normal” . However to be clear and upfront when informing the other person how your fealing with the situation is key…To be Clear.
On all the emotions fealings.
If they then, choose to ignore rationalizing… I’ve told them that they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions but after trying to reach an understanding they still feal the same way. They are aloud to react as they wish.

It doesn’t always go this way but I try.
Even when my kids in error we always cover the whole thing. How would he deal vice versa.
Were getting there.

Well if the school dont handle it. If their is an older sibling. Let them let that kid know they will not put up with it. Seems the school never can handle it

Find out the child’s address & take it up directly with the parents. If it continues, teach your kid self defense. Fuck, teach your child self defense any fucking way!!


Things have changed since I’ve been in school. I punched the guy that bullied me left me alone. I stuck up for a person that was being teased. And I’m little and if need be never had to but I would scrap. Having kids now and the “proto” call I’ll follow to a point but not afraid to pin the little ficker w his arm behind his back and call him/her out!

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Go through the chain of command and simultaneously teach your child to fight back when necessary. Not ideal but sometimes a necessity.

Told mine to punch him up,he hasn’t been bothered since :blush:

Keep and eye on your child. Reassure him that you’ll be there for him anyway you can be.
Talk to him often about what he’s feeling.
If you believe in God, I’d keep him heavily in prayer.
Children have committed suicide over these things.
So reassure your child of your love for him and complaint his strengths in a time like this he needs to feel reassured he’s loved.
But also have open talks with him to make sure he’s not becoming depressed, so talk to him often about how he feels.

You go to the school. It is illegal for the school allow this to happen. They must have in place tools that will help a child being bullied and the child who is doing the bullying. The school then takes it to the parents to address the behavior

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Seriously? At school? Who admins this site??


Teach your kids to defend themselves and not take crap from the bullies. I know it’s not the best advice and violence doesn’t solve anything but I went through it with my oldest and after begging the school and bus driver to help with no results I had my son defend himself. The bullying stopped.


Go to the principal demand that you, your child, the other child’s parents, and that child all have a sit down!


If words don’t stop bullying, your kid should punch them in the face. If that doesn’t work, punch the bully’s parents in the face.


I went to EVERYBODY in the school. Counselors, teachers, aides, student Dean, vice principal, principal, bus drivers. I even got on the bus n got mad at the high school kids picking on my 3rd grader… After that, told my son go for it. No one wants to help… When he fought back guess what happened? They blamed him for beating up the white kid that had been picking on him the whole 3 yrs n my son Whooped him… It just depends. Tell him to hold his ground…
If u have done EVERYTHING u can Legally, after that let him loose.


Teach your child to fight back.

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