How should I handle my child being bullied at school?

Email the principal at school with the chain of events in order. Check their handbook for their bullying policy. Request a meeting at school with the child/children and their parents and yours with a police officer as well as principal and vice principal. The police officer should be able to scare the child enough. If it continues request legal action. I went thru all this with my oldest in middle school. It was so bad she was getting texts and messages no lie here’s an example “ I hate you, everyone hates you. You should kill yourself” it came down to one kid getting arrested in high school and harassment orders being issued. I took my daughter out of school twice to get mental health because she was severely depressed. The worst part was these were kids who she thought were her friends at one point. I also, used to message these little shitbags back. Telling them to have a parent call me the following day by 5 pm if not I would be forwarding these messages to the school and they could find out that way.

Make sure your kid is actually being bullied and isn’t the bullied who got his. This little boy thought he could pick on my nephew cause he was short and the only black kid. My nephew socked that little fucker and his mom called the school about her son being “ bullied” my nephew said “ I been ignoring and ignoring but I had enough “ so, it’s not always a case of your kid being picked on.

When my daughter was younger this one little boy use to steal her glasses all the time and I finally told her to tell that little fucker he touches her glasses one more time I’m coming to the school ! She did and he left her alone !

Go bully the little shits parents for raising that kind of person!

When my son was bullied I went straight to the VP… we pressed charges on one of the kids and anybody that was talking smack after got suspended. I told them I will come here every day if I need to.

My son was bullyed at school in 5th grade. I ask him if I could ask teachers to stop it but he wanted to take care of it on his own. If he was like me. When I talked to the teachers about neing bullyed either I was blamed and not nelieved or the way the teacher handled it made it worse. We talked about what he should do and devided he should figure a way to embaress the bully in front of the group of co-bullys foowing him around. I said that 2 possible outcomes and maybe my son could get 8n trouble for doing it himself but he wanted to take care of it. I called his teacher and told her what was going on and ask if she and the recess monitors couls watch my son and the bullys who were 6th vraders who snuck to the 5th grade recess area to bully the younger kids but my son wanted to stop the bully himself. I called him one night to see a rerun of an old Jack Benny TV show when he would look the guest up and down not saying anything in teapince to a commeny the guest had made and finally after looking at the guest, rubbing his chin and taking a while to answer said somethi.g “off the wall” that made the audience and the guest break up in laughter but the suspense before he spoke was the best part. I told my son he maybe could do that and say somethi g what would either make the bully leave him alone or decide to be friends but it had to be something true, to the point and not mean. A few days later he told me whT happened. We had returned from living out of state and my son had a jacket with hand knit sleeve cuffs and Naulghide oval patched on his sleevs so it would be warm thst winter. That bully had an insulated flamnel shirt and a new feather insulzted vest. That he was very proud of zo je bullyed my son for wearing an old repaired jacket. My son said that the day he told the bully off, he came to tease him again because of his old patched kacket and my son stood thinking like Jack Benny did 9n his show until the bully said, " S#$# say something, say something" so my don looked at him and said, “You’re right, I have an old repaired javket becUse my mom cannot get me a mew one. But at keasy she can afford to het me a jqcket with sleevs in it.” The bully stopped in his tracks and told his hanger on grpup, “Lets get put of here, now.” The bullying stopped. I called the teacher and she said zhe heard all of the interaction between my son and the bully and thought the problem was solved.
My son was bullyed later 9n the school bus T a different school. We had an out. He registeted next semester for attending from sevond period to 6th instead of first period clSs to the 5th peripd so he had to take the coty but with the schooled issued bus pass. The last of the semester he had to attend from first perion I gor him a city buss pass so he could take the bus both ways. Those kids only bullyed on the school bus.

You witness it at the school? You park your car and take both kids to the office or call the office and have the principle come deal with it. My son was bullied, hung by the neck of his shirt on the bathroom stall by older boys (he was in kindergarten) then left alone, luckily a classmate seen it starts and went to get their teacher. She went and got him even though she wasn’t allowed in the bathroom. My daughter was bullied on the bus. I told the bus driver and she thought she fixed the situation. Until the older girl bounced both my kids heads off the seat in front of them and the window. My son had an indent from the screw on the window and a headache, my daughter also had a headache and bump on her head. I seen it while the bus was turning around, stopped her and told the driver if anyone laid a finger on my child again id be on that bus in a heartbeat. So far nothing has happened again. My daughter got her hair cut chin length in kindergarten and 2 girls made fun of her then told her she should go home and kill herself because she’s not pretty and noone likes her. I called her teacher & talked to both of the girls moms within minutes of her telling me. You are their protector, you do what you have to to keep them aafe

Document EVERYTHING. your child’s verbal experience to you, your experience reporting it, the outcome. As much as it takes.
For your child, what is enough?
My kids know to hit back if assaulted.
They know some sick burns if someone talks trash. And they know to tell me everything bc I will be in the principal’s office everyday if needed.

Push that little fucker!!!
I would try to record it follow the kid to parents confront parent or file a report with your evidence.

If your kid is over the age of 6 teach your kid to beat some ass

Not trying to condone violence BUT it worked for me twice…i went up to the little shit and told him/her “i know i cant touch you but trust me and am gonna beat the fuck out of you mom”…needless to say THE BULLYING stopped…we all no kids love thier mamas

I told my daughter to fight bk the moment she did she got wrong she was billed every day to the point she was coming home cry went in mentioned it to them told her to tell them which she did nothing lad spat on her so phoned the school next day I asked did they have a word with this boy and nothing the only thing that came out the teachers mouth was we had a word with my child not a damm thing about him and then the was another incident where 2 girls one was generally just trying to help but had wet soapy hand and put them in my daughter hair but the other one actually on purpose put wet toilet roll paper in her hair I was so fucking livid both me and my partner went to the school my partner talk to teacher who said they let the kids give themselfs the own punishment so he went nuts told them if this continues then he was going to offstead I think its called the highest you can go for a school she soon change her attitude after that and so far she hasnt came out of school being bullied

Oh I’m not the one to ask. I saw the little shit smack my daughter on the back of the head. I chased him down the road in my truck. He tried to lose me by running into the woods. I have 4 wheel drive. He did not expect that. Eventually the principal called the police on me. Police didn’t witness any of it but gave me a “talking to”. Needless to say, no one messed with either of my children again for the rest of the school year.:woman_shrugging:t3:

Physically bullying I tell them they wont be in trouble… shit talking bullying i remind them that when go made people he made assholes and the are strategically placed so we meet one a day. .we cant change others behavior but we can choose our reactions

Yank that kid up and tell him to get their mama so I can beat her ass

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I would beat the fucking piss out of that kid then there parent, I attacked my daughter’s principal, because my daughter got punch in the face by another kid, and he said to me it’s a case of she said she said, my daugther had a black eye, so I hot my hands around his fucking throat

I’m just saying, I’ll beat the piss out of momma while, my husband beats the shit out their dad… and my kids beat the piss out of the bully my kid won’t ever be a victim, if you’re gonna let your kid be a POS, then I’m gonna show you one! :woman_shrugging:t3: #notevenplaying

Well schools here in pa don’t like me :joy: I tell my kids if they hit you more than 3xs fuck them up dont take that shit. Why do i say this? Because when I do go to the school about it nothing gets done. My 11 year old last year tried killing himself because he got bullied so bad.

My 14 yr old got bullied from kindergarten to 5th grade. I wrote a note on how they weren’t handling it. And if it didn’t stop I was gunna have them arrested and charged and dhhs would be down their throats too. I told my son last yr if the kids are bullying u stand up for yourself. He did threatened to beat the shit of him and he slammed one kid in the locker.

Beat the other kids ass :grin: I saw it being done not to my kid but to a child with disability it was in my son high school so I decided to start bullying the kid back I went off on that little fuck head. To see how much he likes it being done to him.