How should I handle my child fighting at school?

how would you handle your 4th grade daughter getting into a fight at school?


Depends on the context. If she’s defending or standing up for herself, we’re getting ice cream. If she’s being a bully and beating on people for fun, she’d probably get an ass whooping from me.


Depends on why she was fighting.


Not enough information here for anyone to give sound advice.


What was the reason?

Depends… how did it start and the basis?
Ive had a kid fight over 5cents he was in big trouble. Ive had another stand up to a bully and fight back which i stood behind and fought the discipline. Ive had one defend herself which i stood behind him and he didnt get suspended. I have my granddaughter who got written up for pulling on the coat of a boy only to learn she was getting him off her friend who was yelling at him to get off her. Soo… really it depends i will never get upset of over my kids defending themself and standing up for others which they do alot. They even pay other students lunches.

It depends on what started it. Was she being bullied constantly? Did someone hit her 1st? If she started 1st or is being a bully then she needs to be corrected and taught appropriate behavior, if someone is constantly bullying her or put their hands on her 1st, then its self defense and id personally high five her and take her out to dinner 🤷


It depends if she was defending herself


I got into a fight at school because a boy was being an asshole and we fought. My mom whooped my ass even though i was defending myself and i think about it to this day. Grudge? A little but i’m in my 30’s now. But i was really upset my mom kicked my ass for it.

Completely situation dependent 🤦 duh


Depends is she defending herself!? If so take her out for ice cream!


Handle it with patience, you’re an adult and a great example to your child remember that.

Yeah it depends on why like I tell my kids if ur gonna fight it better be cause ur defending yourself

It would depend on the reason, atleast for me…

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If she’s being a bully haul her ass to the cop shop and have them talk to her!


With this day in age you have to see why she did it.

More info needed for this question…I need details!

At least she knows how to defend herself

Anger management classes, grounding, visit to the jail etc

Not enough information. Was the fight with a teacher or student? What was the reason for the fight? etc. You cant give a vague question and expect a correct response.