How should I handle my sons bad behavior?

I am a single mother of a 5yr old boy. My child has always been naughty. He feels himself above and elder to everyone.He hits, pushes kids if I take him to the garden, and other kids now don’t want to play with him anymore. Then I enrolled him in evening activity classes to have supervised playtime. Today was the heights, his kindergarten teacher called me, he is using abusing language to the kids, and he hit the other kid in class in front of the teacher. When I ask him, he told the other kid said him something provoking, and he hit him. But the teacher said my son initiated it. I don’t know how to handle this. I have tried being gentle, tried being strict. I tried everything I could. From timeouts, favorite things taking to everything. If I scold him, he now tells me he will leave the house. I don’t know where he is learning all these things. Please help.


Have you talked to his doctor or a therapist to have him evaluated for anything? Several disorders, sensitivities and processing issues can cause issues like this with kids. There isn’t a punishment that they’ll care about if they legitimately don’t understand/comprehend or can’t control their actions.


Take him to a therapist

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Start with a therapist/counselor

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Some children will only react to positive reenforcement… I would start there. And maybe look into play therapy? Sometimes they don’t know how to express feelings they don’t understand in a healthy way… and play therapy can help a lot with that. If his dad isn’t in the picture that may be a source of the negative emotions. I’m in the same situation with my 5 year old daughter and have been looking into play therapy myself. Good luck mama :heart:


Have him talk to a mental health person. Someone that can help him and you deal with behaviors and why they are happening.

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Professional help is needed, he’s 5 and acting out. He may have a disorder you don’t know about. He will be checked out physically and mentally. Early intervention child phycologist will help both of you!


My mother actually had a question related to this on her test today, she is in LPN school. Apparently having them apologize and own up to their actions helps , I will try this as well because I have an 8 year old who has a tendency to act out.

Please seek help through his pediatrician. His doctor can refer him out for help to manage his outbursts.

If you can’t get him help now, you will have BIG issues once he out grows you.

I feel for ya mama! I have a son that has ADHD very impulsive all his life. Doesn’t hit people but has his ways of getting into trouble.


Therapist?! For what? He is 5 … Jesus Christ. Maybe he is just acting out. Doesn’t mean he needs a fucking therapist …

When my daughter does things mean I usually sit her down and talk with her. Or take her out for a mama and daughter date and she seems to calm herself and be fine :woman_shrugging:t3:

It took a therapist just hanging out and talking to my son to get him past all of this

My son acted out …looking for more attention? I tried the talks, punishments, Drs etc…it was rough. But I finally got through to him. And he turned into a very sensitive kind hearted soul.

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He’s five years old. Something else is going on. Start with a therapist.


Did u watch the nanny she bad on tv if she can help no one can.

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Gonna leave the house? You said hes 5…is that a typo(15?)… Pop his lips then his butt…


I know this might sound weird but I had a friend who’s daughter was like this she put her in tae kwon do ( think that’s how you spell it lol) it helped her control her anger and behavior. Plus her master’s knew her issues and helped with punishments( in her classes), like no breaking boards or sparring things like that


Fucking slap up side the head should do it

Doctor and school evaluations need to be done. The doctor will most likely suggest he be seen by a behavioral specialist.


My kid needed anger management … Made a HUGE improvement

He’s 5… Get a handle on it. Seek help not from a fb page.