How should I handle this custody situation with my ex?

My son’s dad and I were going through a custody battle and he told the courts he didn’t want rights and I could have full custody because he was “stressed” about the whole situation. So he basically abandoned his child & he relocated to Arizona with his girlfriend and her kid. Eventually, the girlfriend took his car and all his belongings, and they broke up. Once they broke up, he would always tell me he’s going to work hard and save money to come back to California for his son. But eventually, he got into another relationship out there and completely changed his mind about coming back for his son; he chooses to stay in AZ with his family and his new girlfriend. So he’s been asking me recently to send our 3-year-old out of state to live with him for weeks at a time. I think this is completely unstable for a small child who is already having behavior issues. He will have to try to balance living in two different households every few weeks. Plus, my son will be stuck in a car for 12hrs because it’s a 6hr drive there and a 6hr drive back. I feel like my son’s dad has a bad habit of putting girls before his child and not making his child a Priority. Once he found a girlfriend, he didn’t care to come back to California for his son. So my question is, should I allow my three-year-old child to live that unstable life, or should I just continue to be a full-time parent in California since it was his decision, in the beginning, to abandon his child anyway. I already have full custody, and at this point, I’m tired of trying to get him to make his son a Priority and considering just cutting him off.


continue doing what you’re doing!!! somethings not right in his head to pick girls over his own child


Continue with what you’ve already been doing. Dad knows where you are, let him make the effort. It was his choice to move out there so why should the child suffer :expressionless:

Nope i wouldn’t let him go…he can take off with him as soon as u hand him over and u wld never know it. Do video chats if anything.


I wouldn’t… I would have supervised visits first in ur state. He wants to see the child, he needs make an effort


Hello no. Good riddance.


Just keep doing what you’re doing. Sounds like a flake father. If he wanted to step up he would

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I would not send my three year old to ‘live’ with a stranger. That’s traumatic. Now, if you went with him to slowly introduce him - that’s one thing. But, I would not just send my child out of state. ‘Dad’ or not. Does he have any rights to your son? I would have to think and pray a while on that. I would be concerned about him going in and out of his life. That’s a no no. Now, if he’s there for good - that’s different. This is a tough one mom! Sending prayers your way.

Continue being the full time parent. If he wants to see him he should come to you, and go through the courts.

You got full custody keep it that way… Do not let him go.


Nope I wouldn’t send my child anywhere. His “father” abandoned him he also gave his rights up so he has no authority nor visitations either. Keep ur son where he is and keep him safe

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If the courts have already gave you full custody then I would say just cut him out. It doesn’t sound like he has any real interest in his child and sounds like he just wants to keep playing fish by keeping you and him reeled in and then casting you back off and that poor little baby doesn’t deserve that. He needs the stability.


Leave that dead weight.

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Keep to full custody he chose to abandon y’all he don’t deserve to be in your son life

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Girl, don’t do it. If he wanted to give up his rights in the first place there’s your sign.


This shouldn’t be a question. No no and no. He left that kid. If he wants any rights again tell him to go to court


No. There’s no way I’d send my 3 year old to live with a person he doesn’t know, even for a few minutes. If he wants a relationship with him, he can come to CA to have that.


Nope, he chose to give up his son, more than once…

You already have full.custody just leave it alone


Let him go and keep your son in a healthy/stable home. He can’t expect a child who doesn’t know him to live with him for weeks at a time

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