How should I handle this situaiton with my ex and his girlfriend?

I’ve posted before about me being assaulted by my son’s dad’s girlfriend’s parents at the local bar. My son’s dad and I have always gotten along so great and have always shared holidays; it’s always worked out perfectly for everybody. Well, ever since he’s been with his new girlfriend, they are literally out to ruin my life and have been trying to get full custody of my son and trying to get me into trouble whenever possible. So we went to court, they were trying to get full custody. Nothing changed; I still have sole legal custody. The only thing that changed is that now my son’s dad picks our son up from school on Thursdays and drops him off at six on Sunday, every week. We never even discussed holidays in court. I think we both just assumed we would keep doing what we’ve always done, which is celebrated together because that is what’s best for our son. My son doesn’t have school on Fridays, so he spends all day with his girlfriend because his dad is at work. Before we went to court, my son would always spend Fridays with my mom (his Mimi), who is seriously like his favorite person in the whole world, and his two cousins the same age as him that live with my mom. So since this new girlfriend has been around, this is everything that has happened so far… On a Monday, I asked my son’s dad to have our son overnight so I could take a family member out for their 21st birthday. He agreed, Tuesday morning he dropped our son off to my mom at eight before he went to work (i stayed at my boyfriend’s house that night) I worked 7-9 that morning, so I got to my mom’s house a little after nine and picked up my son. My son’s dad works for my dad, so after I picked up my son, I went out to my dad’s shop so I could talk to my dad about some unrelated stuff. While there, my son’s dad said I smelt like alcohol… obviously from the night before. Well, next thing I know, the cops pull up to my dad’s shop. I was hungover, but definitely not drunk. I had my license, so I had no reason to deny that I was driving. They asked me to do a field sobriety test. Apparently, my eyes bounced, anyway, I ended up getting a DUII since there was still alcohol in my system from the night before. Come to find out; it was my son’s dad’s girlfriend who called me in, she called in saying she saw me swerving. This was a false report; she was in a town 30 minutes away from where I was. So they basically set me up, and now I have a duty. Then my car got robbed, I really really feel like they had something to do with that, but I have no proof. My son’s dad slashed my tires one night, which was all on camera, so I filed a vandalism report. I got in that fight with her parents at the bar. I spent a night in jail for driving with a suspended license (i have to drive I work out of town so until I get my hardship license I have no choice) cop said some bullshit reason for pulling me over, said my license plate was dirty, and he couldn’t read it… so I really feel like they probably called me in again, but still…no proof. I kept my son overnight on Halloween even though it was a Thursday… I invited them to join our trick or treating; they chose not to come. So the next day, the girlfriend texted at 8 in the morning saying she was coming to pick up my son. I said no, not yet, I was just about to leave for work and my boyfriend, my son and his kids were all still sleeping. I asked her to come at 12, that way they would have time to sleep in, have breakfast, my boyfriend could get him dressed and ready, and they could play for a little bit. She agreed. Then I get a text from my boyfriend saying she showed up at 1030 and just walked into his house, didn’t even knock. So now for Thanksgiving… my son’s dad text on Wednesday asking what the plan was for Thanksgiving. I told him, he and his girlfriend are welcome to come to my parents for dinner, my son’s dad has always come, every year we haven’t been together. I have a niece here for only five days, got here Wednesday, leaves early Sunday. So we planned on taking all the kids to the coast (2 hours away) on Friday to see a huge light show, Santa is there and everything. So I told my son’s dad this plan. He said he planned on taking our son to his mom’s house, which is 2 hours away (opposite direction as the coast) I told him to please be cooperative and to compromise with me. So even though it was a Thursday and he’s supposed to pick him up on Thursdays, it was a holiday, so it was kind of an exception. I still invited them over for dinner and said I could drop my son off on Saturday when we get back from the coast. He thought this was completely unfair because he planned on taking him to see his family. I told him, my niece is only here for a few days, you have our son every weekend you can take him to see your family literally any other weekend. I said I have always been cooperative with him and have never denied him seeing his son and to please just let me have him till Saturday. He never texted back after that. So Thursday morning, he and his girlfriend show up to my parent’s house; we all assumed they were there to eat with us as a family. Then my mom heard the girlfriend whispering to my son saying they were going to see daddy’s mom and they were going to take him to the indoor trampoline place (that place closed and definitely wouldn’t have been open on Thanksgiving) so I got worried that they were going to just leave with my son. so I did, I picked him up and put him in my car. they ran out of the house and parked sideways in my parent’s driveway so I couldn’t leave, my son got scared and kept saying he wants to stay with me. I drove over the grass to get away. they started following me (i don’t have my license), so I got scared and turned back around, grabbed my son and took him back into my parent’s house, and locked the door. the whole time my son is yelling saying he doesn’t want to go with them, he yelled, “I hate you guys” they called the cops then the cops called me. so then my son starts crying, thinking I’m gonna go to jail. he wanted to be with me, not them; he made that very clear. the cops never came. his dad and girlfriend sat in the driveway for an hour! we just went on about our day and tried to have fun. my son keeps saying he doesn’t ever want to go to his daddies again, says their mean, and they’re trying to keep him from me. he sees all of this; he can feel something is different. it breaks my heart. everything could have been so good, but they have completely ruined mine and my son’s dad’s great co-parenting relationship. they are ruining the way my son thinks of his dad, and I hate that. we have always shared holidays, so that’s exactly what I tried doing. I have always been so cooperative with him, so why couldn’t he have been cooperative and just let me have him till Saturday? it’s like it’s all a competition to them, they have shown no sign of cooperating with me, and it sucks! is there anything I can do or should do? any advice?


Be careful they’re gonna use that DUI in court now.


You need to follow the court order period! Now you have a dui and your son was with you? You really need to be careful. They are gonna use all this stuff you posted on you in court. Go back to court alternate holidays and let him have his son when he is supposed to. You are both acting like kids and the only one suffering is your son.


Go back to court and get something settled for holidays. And I would fight him getting him every weekend


Get a restraining order against her if you can. That she is not around you at all


You’re going to lose your son. A DUII, withholding custody on dads parenting time, driving while suspended… you’re a mess lady. Let that boy live with his dad while you get your life together. Dad DOES NOT have to cooperate with you, period. He has his parenting time established in court and sounds like he always shows up for it. You’re the uncooperative one, thinking you can keep both of your child whenever you want.


You can ask that his girlfriend cannot watch or sleep over while the son is with his father.


Reckless to try and escape while your child is in the car. Stop having him and his girlfriend over for family dinners, you guys have your own thing so your child gets to share holidays with both sides. Life isn’t always roses and as a parent we shouldn’t give our children false expectations. Couples seperating is a part of life. Both sides can have equal time with the child as long as the adults remains adults.


Just hearing your version of events… seriously get a grip on your life. The only common denominator I see in all these problems is you. I feel like you are a slight bit ratchet actually.


They really setting you up.


Write everything down leave no detail out about what they do and dates and times save all text messages to use in court file a restraining order for your son against this lady so that she can’t be around when he’s with his dad

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U were drinking the night before but had enough alcohol in your system 2 get a dui? I think not. This is gonn be harsh but it needs 2 be said…get ur goddamn life 2gether get ur license back stop making excuses stop putting ur son in danger n do whats best for him! period!


The only person who has co trol over yoj… is YOU! You are doing and behaving exactly like they want you too. You are the example to your son first and to the court. You need to follow the law. You need to refrain from acting out. Tire the grown up. Control yourself. Teach your son a lesson. Follow the laws. And gi to court and have everything g spelled out so there are no loopholes or ways to mismanage or communicate.


Do NOT blame anyone else for your dui but YOURSELF
You were the one driving under the influence not them
Doesn’t matter who reported you they did the right thing
As for the holiday thing maybe you could’ve SHARED your son on that day it being a holiday and his dad’s LEGAL day to pick him up…and Friday should’ve been a no go from the gate because Fridays are dad’s days NOT yours


You should follow the court order to the T, even if it falls on a holiday. Your ex can get custody based off you not following the custody order put by the judge. I think the DUI is gonna end up hurting you in court. Be careful.


You should get your act together and all of you should grow up. I feel bad for your son honestly. What a mess. He’d be better off with your mother. I can see why someone besides his parents would be his favorite person in the world :grimacing:


Go have coffee with them and try to build a coparenting with both of them make sure the kids isn’t there


Get back in court and get her away from your son.
That’s his gf, not his wife.


I’m sorry. Not trying to be mean but you need to step back and take a look at what you posted and your life. You chose to drive drunk. With your child. Does not matter who set you up or who called. You chose to get into a bad fight with her parents. You are driving around with your child on a suspended license. You’re a mess. Your child’s father sounds like he is there for his son and wants him safe. He wants him on his time. Your son isn’t scared to go with his father. He watches YOUR actions and feeds off them. You’re scaring him and quite frankly you’re causing traumatic experiences and scars he’ll bear his entire life. You need to straighten up. Stop drinking and stop breaking the law. You’ve got a four year old child. Step up. Or step back… sounds like dad is a pushover and girlfriend is helping him grow a pair.


Obviously the girlfriend has major issues. And why does your ex still have a job? Your dad needs to fire his ass. Let him play games. Your boyfriend should’ve called the cops when she walked in your house. I’d file a petition and say his girlfriend is getting out of hand. Make it so your boy can not be left alone
With her!