How should I handle this situation about this guy I am casually seeing?

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months. We’ve both said we are not talking to or entertaining anybody else, but we do not have a title on our relationship at the moment. He does live one state away (only an hour commute), and he comes to see me on the weekends that I don’t have my child. Over the weekend, we were cuddled up watching Netflix at 1/1:30 am. His phone was next to us on silent, and a female name (clearly NOT a name that a guy would have) popped up. He didn’t appear to notice. I really was not trying to be nosy, I only saw because of how the phone was positioned and how we were positioned. I didn’t say anything to him about it, but I think he could tell I was a little upset about something. I didn’t want to ask him about it then because I wanted to get my thoughts together and figure out WHY exactly I was upset first. I think what’s bothering me is: 1. I’ve never heard of a guy or girl calling that late unless something was going on (he has no sisters and has said before that he has all male cousins, so it isn’t something like that) 2. If something is going on and he is sleeping with her or anything like that, I should be told that he is seeing other people. Because as it stands now, from what we have said, we are only sleeping with each other. 3. I feel lied to. I know we are not technically together, so I’m really trying not to be upset, but I can’t get it out of my mind. I don’t want to accuse him of lying or make him think I don’t believe what he’s saying to me. But what woman calls that late unless she feels really comfortable doing it and has done it before? Maybe I’m overreacting, but if he’s sleeping with her (or any other woman), then he doesn’t need to be sleeping with me.


or maybe he’s not sleeping with her at all. but everybody out here is convinced if it’s someone of the oposite sex, they’re cheating/sleeping with them…


Seems like you need to have a talk with him and establish what exactly you two are and what the boundaries are.
Late texts from the other sex typically mean there’s more to it than friendship, but not always.
You need to speak with him and be open and honest.


Hes not just seeing you…decide how YOU want to proceed.
If he’s seeing her like he’s seeing you, you might need a STD screening just to be safe.

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Ask, then accept the answer. If your not too serious then this says - I care more than I think I do.


Sounds like you need answers that can only come from HIM…


Your unspoken title might be FWB


If it was a casual friend, he would have not hesitated to answer the phone and address it with you.


No need to ask him your gut already told you the truth listen to it save a lot of heartbreak later on


It’s awkward, but you just have to be an adult and tactfully ask him about it.


You need a title! Why because you have feelings for him. BUT you agreed to this. So move on. Or start using protection if you weren’t And date. You Both are single.


You have a rite to know if he is dealing with someone else, with or without sex. Just to be clear on status of relationship. If


If you can have sex with him you should be able to talk to him


Or it’s a friend? Men can have female friends just like women can have male friends.



Hmmm female texts him late at night. Omg he’s seeing someone else too! Ever think that it could be his sister? Aunt? Friend? Coworker with a major issue? Neighbor? Someone watching his house dog kid ferret snake rat whatever? You people amaze me with all of this. Did the text say “omg big boy I miss you soooo much!”? Grow up!


So the question is🤔 WHY are you sleeping with him if you’re not technically together?


Y’all are really a dumb ass. He gets a call that he did not know he got and y’all say dump him. I feel sorry for y’all’s partner


If you can’t have this conversation with him then what are you even doing with him?


I really don’t understand situations and questions like this. Instead of agonizing over this situation and using a public forum to vent your agony, why don’t you just ask him? Flat out come out and ask him if he would like to see other people. Ask him if there is someone else in the picture. And then be prepared to hear an answer - whether or not you’re going to like it is something you’re going to have to deal with. This is just over-thinking and creating drama where there might not be any. If he’s met someone else then it’s a part of your equation that you’ll have to deal with. Just talk.


You goofed when you started sleeping with him. Too soon. You need to have an established relationship. Now you have to backtrack, start over, and do things in the right order. Sorry but that is just how it works. Ask any relationship expert. There is an order to these things…might not be how we like it…but that is how you get your guy in line and make a successful relationship.