How should I handle this situation with my ex?

My ex and I have an awkward custody agreement but we’ve made it work since we went to court about a year and a half ago. Since then, his wife has asked multiple times if we can make changes to the custody schedule because their work/school schedules change. A few of the minor changes I’ve agreed to, but when it takes away from our time without it being reciprocated, I have said no. On our end, my husband’s work schedule changes weekly, but we’ve always made it work with the custody arrangement. Now, she’s asking if we can change days again because there is a change to her school schedule… my question is, do I keep allowing them to change the agreement when we went to court and fought and they got the schedule that they wanted and fit my ex’s work schedule. I’m really torn because I don’t want there to be a rift. Generally, we co-parenting well, and I don’t want to seem “difficult”. I just don’t know…


Nah if they got what they wanted then stop making changes for them!


I look at it this way, if it benefits your child and keeps the peace I say go for it. Life is hard and schedules change. I would do it if the schedule works for you as well. Try to keep the peace and make the situation work as much as possible if it benefits your child and all parties.


Nope it was agreed upon. You aren’t being difficult especially if it was agreed upon in court. I would just say let’s keep it as it is.


I wouldnt keep changing. I changed based on my ex husband’s work schedule. He’s military. Not his wife’s schedule. And the most that is changed with us is weekend switch. But it seems she is trying to have some control.


I wldnt. Stick to it. Its what u do whn u have thm full time u make it wrk.

Kids need consistency. If it’s an inconvenience to you then you shouldn’t try to keep the peace and do whatever they want. Is stepmom in college (her school schedule changing) if so it will change every semester and there’s no need for you to change the arrangement everytime.


If it isn’t actually causing any harm to the child’s at home routines, and it isn’t causing problems for yourself or husbands professional lives, if they are willing to ask permission for the changes and are making sure the child is safe and taken care of, i don’t see why fight about it.


Only if it benefits your child. But, I wouldn’t be changing anything based on the fact “her” schedule changed. She is not your childs mother. I would make changes for your ex husbands schedule only.


Only if it’s a Give n Take of making scheduling adjustments.


Simple solution… what’s best for the child/children involved? Who cares what’s best for them or you. What matters most is the kids. I don’t see why that’s hard to understand.


If it doesn’t effect you I would just go with it
Co parenting is better then anything else riggt

I would change again, but do mention it. There had been significant changes to the schedule because of them and it needs to settle down and try have some consistency going forward

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All you need to worry about is not them or you but your child what does your child benefit. Lives change daily so if yall can sit down and work put plans that work for yall and your kiddo do that. A child benefit from both parents in thier lives and will someday grownup happy because thier parents got along worked as a team for the child happiness…

Changes should benefit the children, not the adults.

  1. Does it inconvenience your schedule

  2. Would they help you out

  3. How does it affect the kids


Keep to the court ordered schedule. Having kids doesn’t prevent you from going to school or work. Parenting doesn’t just wait for when you’re not at school or work.


What do the kids want ? They want there parents to be caring and respectful.

Personally I would do nothing for her schedule. Parenting time is not about dads wife spending time with your child. So her school schedule doesn’t have anything to do with it. If HE needs a change for a legit reason HE SHOULD ASK YOU. I will never allow my ex to use a third party to talk to me about our children unless it’s a professional mediator, lawyer etc. If he wants time with your children then he should be mature enough to talk to you.


My ex husband and I co parent beautifully it took a bit to get here but we sometimes have to make changes as at a drop of the hat… or when the kids want to do something on thier time we sit down together him his wife and I to make it the best possible situation. As our oldest is a teen we FaceTime about most things and work a plan out together or if they are in trouble we all FaceTime together and talk with her on punishments and why whatbshe did was wrong. Just because we are not together doeant mean that we cannot be a team… also his wife and I make most of plans together. Their are times she calls me with a issue with her schedule and because she is just as much a parent her option matters to