How should I handle this situation with my sister in law?

My sister in law is absolutely driving me bonkers. A little back story here, this has been ongoing for 6 years now, and it’s not showing signs of getting better. My husbands brothers partner, for the last 5 years has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. She lies, she is manipulative, and no matter how many times we tell her what our problem is with her, she pleads innocent and that she has done nothing wrong. I hardly knew her and invited her to my wedding, where she and her partner complain about me all night. She started this argument over who was going to having children first in the family, then told me promptly that I would have to wait as she didn’t want to share the attention. She kept us away from her children, then blames us for not having a relationship with them. And by kept up away, sent no photos, wouldn’t allow us to hold them when they were born, never invited us for family events, Easter, Christmas, or birthdays, and when we have been there haven’t let us interact with them. She expects that she can speak her mind and be accepted when she disagrees with us all (everyone has their own opinions), but the moment any of us have a different opinion, she plays the victim “oh, everyone’s picking on me, everyone’s being mean, everyone hates me, etc., etc.” and it’s like no, we were having a discussion, and we disagreed with you Posted our pregnancy announcement shared privately with family, on her own Facebook page, before we had announced to our friends. Post photos of our child on her Facebook without our permission, without tagging us in it, and they are always nudie baby photos, which are cute, yes BUT NOT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. And she’s been asked several times not to. She belittles me constantly about my parenting, and as a first-time mum, that just ruins me. We are two very, very different people, and I understand fully that not all people can get along, but I don’t understand how someone can post nasty, vile hatred all over their social media about our family; they still plead that she has done nothing wrong? How can she still expect access to our child? How can she still have the warped notion that we are all at fault, all the damn time? Sorry for the long post, but I am really stuck between calling her our AGAIN, or just cutting her off, for my child’s sake, for my sake, for my families sake?


It doesn’t matter what the picture is of. If you don’t want her sharing pictures of your child, she should respect that and not post pictures of your child. She sounds like a royal bitch and I would cut her off if I were you.

Boundaries boundaries boundaries. If you are setting them and requesting things for your child and they are being completely ignored. Cut her off. Let her have her tantrum. you need to what is best for you and your family. Not what’s best your her. Stay strong mama.


Just block her on social media. And don’t worry about what she says.

It sounds like your in highschool.

Be the bigger person here. She’s not your family she’s your husbands family. You aren’t obligated to her. The less attention you give her the better off you will be.
You don’t need a toxic person like that around your kids.


Snip snip snippity snip. Not all family is blood not all blood is family. Just do for you and your family. Take care of your kids and let her deal with the questions her kids may answer later kids see and hear more than we think. Live in your moments and live free


Cut her off. Forget about her. Get on with your life

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She sounds toxic and you don’t need that in your life. You might have to cut her out of your life just to have a better life. You do you. It might be hard in the beginning but eventually it be easier. Just gotta stay strong for your family. Good luck.

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Cut her off , she ain’t worth your pain and stress, if I was you she would be gone along time ago, stay strong mummy

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Cut her off . Cut her off.

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Block on social media, cut her off in real life too.

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My husband’s sister has always been very disrespectful toward me in somewhat the same way. My husband spoke to her about it. She continued with the same behavior, so he cut her off. Sometimes people give you no choice.


Time to cut her off?

Don’t let it get you. She’s not paying for the roof over your head so don’t take it personal and brush it off. She clearly won’t change so either cutt her off or make sure she understands how you feel by talking to her. Block her on social media if that helps.

Wow this young lady sounds like a full blown attention seeker and goes to any extreme to make it all about herself - by all means block her in every manner possible and maybe just maybe she will miss the ones who accepted her when they didn’t have to and maybe she will realize just what she’s missing out on when she has no one but her significant other and her own kids to tolerate her selfishness and if she does them the way she does the rest of you she won’t have them for long either. Don’t let her insecurities take up anymore of your time she needs to get over herself.

Don’t let her have your child if she’s going to take pictures of them nude and post them on social media, also cut her off all together she sounds like a narcissist. If at family functions be polite but don’t engage.

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Past time to walk away, block her on all social media. You will be amazed at how much peace you will give yourself.

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she is a narcissist-cut her off-very toxic

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Cut her off good God! Looks like you have dealt with a very ugly person for way too long!

holy many similarities! Pleads innocent but causes all the problems and makes your life a living hell! CUT HER OUT, I did, best choice I made for my family! You need to be okay with missing out on things though! Good luck, it’s a bumpy road ahead, they will ALWAYS side with her, don’t even bother giving a shit about it just literally have a smile when you have to see the parents in law and other then that don’t look back!

So don’t deal with her