How should I handle this situation with my SO's grandma?

Questions about my SO’s grandmother, I posted a post about one of my kids (that’s not her grandchild only by marriage) about her being sick, and she never asked what was wrong with her. But I posted another post about my other kid (that is her grandchild directly), and she asked/was concern about her issues. Please help what I should do, because my SO is taking up for her. Any suggestions?


Is it possible that she did not see the post about the other child?


If not her grandchild you cant force concern


You…posted? As in on social media? Maybe… Get over it? She might have not seen it or something. Its a facebook post. You’re seriously worried?


Good chance is she didn’t see it. Does she ignore the child in question when she is around them? Its a post. Do you get up set when other family members and friends don’t comment on one post but commented on another post? Why is she being held to such high standards?


Some people dont see it but i have two grandchildren that isnt blood related but i dont. Treat them any different they are my grandchildren and i wouldnt have it any other way i love them

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Regardless the other child should be treated no different still her grandchild and if she can’t accept one maybe she shouldn’t be around any of them it’s not fair to the child they should never feel different or left out just because its only by marriage. It’s a package deal and your other half knew that marrying you

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Just tell her, you hurt my feelings because…
Blending a family is hard work.

Just like anything else she may not have seen 1 but did the other. Just because I follow someone doesnt mean I see all their post. I wouldn’t be too upset. Remain calm and have a simple conversation about the post. It’s ok momma. It would be different if u said she ignores the child that isnt hers or treats it differently than the others when shes around them or gift giving but u didnt it was a post.

You can’t figure people out. My husbands Mom( RIp) gave me mixed signals all the time. I spent way too many hours trying to figure her out. Getting mad at the husband even though it wasn’t him. It was his Mom. Let it go​:v::v:

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All I can say, pick and choose your battles wisely. In response, include both children’s health. Update her with both :heart::blush:


Let things go.
Make sure your child is so secure with your relationship that they don’t even notice when things like this happen.


Pick your battles carefully. The children will see how she is when they get older if Shes still around. Its not worth the drama and family feud.


Do you know for sure she saw both post? Were the descriptions different for them? Like said what was wrong with either? Maybe she doesn’t want to step on your toes :thinking: lots of different reasons why maybe she didn’t say anything.


In my experience, if they don’t show concern over one but they do over the other, I cease all communication and updates. I don’t care who it is, family or not, you treat my children the same or you do not deserve to be in either of their lives. May sound harsh but kids pick up on things like that and end up question why grandma doesn’t like them as much as their sibling.


I say no excuses if you marry some 1 with kids its a package deal


…its not her grandchild. Shes not obligated to say anything about them.

Id just act like she asked about all of your kids and reply that way. So every time she asks how “her” grandchildren are just reply with info on all of them.

Stop worrying about how people act on social media. Its juvenile. This isnt high school. Build a bridge and get over it.


Stop post on social media about you sick kids. If she is only finding out that your kids are sick on social media that’s also a problem.


It’s quite possible that maybe they didn’t see the first post. Only you know if Grandma is slighting the child that isn’t biologically related to her. If this was a one time moment let it go. You will find more peace in that decision than creating drama in your world over a missed comment on a Facebook post.


Just reply with both of your children’s health status and at the end thank her for her for her concern. Be smart. Don’t start drama. And plus it shouldn’t affect you if they find out through social media that they were sick… That must mean y’all don’t talk oftenly so it ain’t a big deal. Ya know.