How should I introduce milk to my daughter?

My daughter just turned 1. 3 days ago, and she’s still using the formula, I know she’s suppose to start drinking milk but how did yall introduce it? And another thing is she is on Similac Sensitive because her tummy had issues with the normal formula, so is real milk going to hurt her after giving her the sensitive formula for a year now?


We did half and half and gradually weaned the amount of formula to whole milk over a month


We just tried a little at a time.

Do half a bottle of formula and half milk

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I started with 3/4 of a bottle of formula and the rest milk for a few days, then half and half and so on… be sure not to introduce anything new over the next few days other than the milk

Slowly mix in the 3.25% milk with formula and see how her tummy reacts… every other day keep adding more milk and less formula

I mixed it. Started at 6oz formula 2oz milk and increased the milk gradually. I started at 11 months tho so by the time he turned a year he was fully milk. I also started with 2% milk.

If regular whole milk upsets her stomach, they make lactose free milk as well

My daughter was on the same formula when not drinking breast milk and I had the same worries but I did it slowly over 2 weeks and she never had any issues.

My son had major issues and was put on spy when he was a week from turning one I started mixing regular milk in with his formula till he was on nothing but whole milk. Most stomach issues babies grow out of. He’s now 4 and still no issues.

I did an old timey thing my mamaw did with her kids and with me, put about a half inch of dark Karo syrup in the bottle and the rest milk never had a problem switching from breast/formula with my kids

We started out just giving our son one cup of milk each morning with breakfast and a little but here and there throughout the day but also gave him a little less formula each day until formula was all gone . But he never had tummy problems and was never sensitive to it so I would honestly just call the nurse at the pediatrician and ask them what they recommend they should be able to tell you how to do it

I agree with introducing it slowly. My oldest daughter had to drink the high calorie preemie formula until she was 1. She was a preemie and needed that whole year of extra calories and growth. She also had a very sensitive tummy, even to this day. We discovered, through mixing milk into the formula slowly, that she actually could not drink milk, it made her very sick. So definitely only introduce the Milk for now. She now can only drink coconut milk, but can have other dairy products (cheese, yoguart) with no issues! Good luck Momma!

I used goat milk since mine had a dairy sensitivity. I never combined just switched and she liked it!

Similac sensitive is cow milk based… so introduce slowly it shouldn’t be a problem.

I started with 2 oz of whole milk and the rest formula when I switched my first child. She was on similac sensitive too. She did fine on whole milk never had issues.

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2oz of 2% milk rest of formula for 1 month. Next month 4oz of milk rest formula for 1 month. Etc.

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Give her soy or almond milk. Cow’s milk will hurt her

Water it down. 1/2 milk and water just slowly and in a sippy cup and crackers or teaching cookies…