How should I parent my child who stole?

How do you deal with a child-stealing?? Nothing major, just little things, but it still isn’t okay!! The child is also under 8.


Make them own it. Have the child return the item to the person they stole it from and apologize for it. Humility is a great lesson. I know some would disagree with me on that but I think it’s important for kids to learn humility.


Make them return it and apologize for stealing the items.


My mom took me back to the store and made me return the item and apologize. Then asked the store to ban me for a year :joy:

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When my son took a candy from the store I went with him and made him return and apologize.

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I told my son the cops would come…(he stole a toy from his cousin) …I explained in the real world cops would be called if he stole from a store and such when he’s older…he apologized and returned it. No issues since. Hes 8


My child stole a pack of gum from the gas station when she was about 4. I marched her butt right back in and made her apologize and return it.

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I remember stealing a pair of sunglasses from my local Walmart around this age not realizing what stealing was. My mom made go inside and give them back and made me apologize for taking them without paying. I learned from that mistake

Make them return the item and apologize to the store. If it’s not returnable then make him/her earn the money to pay for it. I stole a candle when I was 5 almost 6, my dad had me pick up our dogs mess and then I had to dig a bucket of dandelion flowers.

My son took some toys from school the other day, I wouldn’t let him play with them at home (didn’t want him thinking even if he returns them the next day that it’s okay to do) , made him take them back and apologize to his teacher the next day. She was very thankfull and he learnt not to steal.

when my child was a toddler one time she stole a necklace from a yard sale. Granite she didn’t really understand she stole it. But I made her take it back to the lady apologize and understand that she took it without permission. I honestly didn’t know what else to do and that’s how I dealt with it. I mean my child’s never done nothing like that again but at that point I made her basically own up to it.

Little things now, turn into big things later!! Nip it in the bud!


Yup, agree with other comments. Make them face up to it and apologize.

At 8 my daughter did this as well. Chapstick one time a sucker another. I explained to her that stealing can ruin your life and put you in jail. I wasnt driving back to the store didn’t have time. She is 9 and I haven’t caught her doing it since I spoke to her. She did take mascara from her grandmother a few months ago tho. I think all kids go through this phase

Then tear that butt up

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If they are stealing from stores then I agree with the comments already posted. However if they are stealing from u or friends or family. Make them return it or do things to earn money to replace the items. If it continues consider counseling to see if there is a deeper reasoning for their actions. I had a child steal big items from their siblings and sell them. They had to replace the items and were warned if r happened again they would face charges. But this was an older child

Have her tell them she did it and make her work for money to give to them it works

I would make my child return whatever was stolen from the person/place and make them pay for it. With their own money. If they didn’t have the money i would make them work for the money to do so and would not make it easy cash.

Make them return everything. Theyll be so embarrassed they WONT do it again. Have a cop present and they DEFINITLY wont do it again

Write sorry letter to the ppl or places he stole from along with the humiliation of returning in person… make him write 100 times I will not steal. Have him understand it Is illegal a crime take him to detention center have a cop talk to him(not sure if corona season will allow) get creative he must feel he can get away with it if it’s happened often. Search his room and things every time he comes into the house until he can be trusted again