How should I reply to my boyfriends comment?

So I’m 15 weeks pregnant and have had a rough pregnancy so far- I had covid and the morning sickness has been terrible, so I was admitted into the hospital with dehydration. I obviously haven’t done much deep cleaning around the house, but laundry and dishes have stayed done (it’s just me and me and him, so there’s not a huge mess, to begin with). My boyfriend decides to make a comment about how I haven’t done anything in the house. I also have two jobs and work seven days a week; he works 5. He has “felt bad” that I’ve been so sick but doesn’t get how tiring and draining it has been so far. I haven’t talked to him since he made that comment; how should I go about “answering” to that comment?


Girl I work part time and I’m 22 weeks pregnant and I wish my husband would say some dumb shit like that. Personally tho cause we are adults, I would sit and have a convo. You explain that hurt your feelings rather he meant to or not your feelings are hurt and talk with him about the next steps. Give him perspective on why your so sick my husband didn’t get it but now he is like look my wife isn’t having an easy pregnancy she is sick all the damn time. U know sit with him. Don’t let the small stuff fester. Talk with him. You will feel better. Tell him this is the hardest magic trick your doing in life and even you didn’t think it would be this painful or uncomfortable everyday being pregnant it’s not what the movies make it look like. Men are clueless. Most issues will stimulate from improper communication. If no one told you today your doing the worlds greatest magic trick that not just anyone can do.

I’m exhausted just reading this …:weary:
Sending my :pray:t3:for a full healing !!!
Response “ feel free to help anytime!!!” !!!


He needs to help you with cleaning your one person you can only do so much. Especially when you don’t feel good.

Ask him what HE has done in the house :woman_shrugging:


Tell him to help
More why should it be the women’s job he thinks it’s bad now wait till baby comes he will have a serious shock ! Tell him he needs to help instead of moaning ! X


He need to shut his our hole I am a stay-at-home mum n am 17 weeks preggo n haven’t had covid but 8467differrnt complications n can barley move we r both wise asses n he has been great not cleaning cleaning but dishes n dog n help with whatever he knows it’s a short period of time n I will be back as soon as this human is outta me send him ova to me I’ll knock his derby loose for ya hun u take care of u n tht baby u can always deep clean when u nest n afta baby when yr not sleeping anyway xo

Get councelors…learning how to relationship is hard


Stop doing anything at all.


Tell him “you think it’s bad now? Just wait until the baby comes” lol


Tell him he only works 5 days a week so he has no excuse to not help. You are working 7 days a week, two jobs and on top of all that you’re growing a human that he helped create, and the cherry on top? It’s a pandemic and you have been extremely sick! He wants the house deep cleaned? Do it himself


If he moans about the house tell him u getting a helper and make him pay for it or he needs to help u


Kick him in the dick


Hold up…you’re pregnant, had covid, work 2 jobs 7 days a week and he has the nerve to say something!? Tell him to clean himself, wtf is wrong with some of these so called men. Smdh.


You work 7 days, he only works 5. You’re pregnant with health constraints and doing things in the house. What does he do when he is off from work?


I’d tell him pretty much what you put in the post. Tell him you feel disrespected. That’s not cool.


Take care of yourself and your on born baby . Let everything else go
Get a cleaning lady once a week , enjoy,


My boyfriend also did something similar, so I stopped doing his things. His laundry, dishes, etc were all not done for like a week and a half before he noticed. He asked why I stopped and I told him why and he very quickly realized I wasn’t kidding so he started helping me do things.


He can do stuff around the house as well. It’s not like you’re a stay at home partner, you both work and pay for bills, Plus you’re pregnant and not feeling well!! I hope you would consider quitting the one job down the road, don’t want you to over do it.

Throw the boy out.

Yes, the whole boy.
He can do stuff around the house too. Ain’t nobody break his legs. Shouldn’t all just fall on you. He lives there with you and eats and wears clothes and uses the utilities and breathes the air.

He can buck up buttercup.