How should I talk to my husband about this?

My brother in law is extremely overbearing, or is, is it my husband? So my husband and his brother are close. That’s great for them. But the entirety of our relationship, his brother has always been in our business. When we got together years ago, they lived in the same house with their parents. His brother was non stop in hubby’s bedroom, I mean ALWAYS. We always tried to hint at him to leave, but he would just sit at the end of the bed and be on his phone. Super weird, in my opinion. But anyway, when we finally moved out on our own, I made it very clear to hubby that this was our home and his brother can not just come over whenever he pleases as I have two children to take care of(from the previous relationship) and it’s just not his house. My hubby was fine with that, but what’s annoying is he would just go to his parent’s house every single day to hangout with his brother. I mean literally every single day. I continued to voice my opinion on it because why are we together if he can’t make time for me but can make time for his brother every single day. Well fast forward, I’m pregnant with our first child together, and to say this pregnancy has been a drag would be an understatement. Every night hubby gets home from work. If he doesn’t go to his parent’s house first, he is on FaceTime with his brother. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have voiced my opinion on how it would be nice if he could slow it down a bit and take some time for me, especially since I’m pregnant. He’s been saying, “okay babe, I’ll change,” and yet nothing new. About two weeks ago, his brother got a job at hubby’s work. So now every single morning and every night his brother is in my home, invading my space because they have been carpooling, which makes no sense because his brother has to drive 20-30 minutes out of his way to come here in the morning first. All of this has created serious tension between hubby’s brother and me as I can’t stand him anymore cause he thinks he’s entitled to everything in my home, and he thinks he should get my husband’s attention before me. My question is, how can I talk to my husband? How can I get him to understand? We have a baby coming in less than three months, and I’m afraid this behavior is going to continue when the baby comes, and with me having to get a c section, I’m really going to need hubby’s help.


seems like your husband doesn’t see an issue with the situation and is enabling the behavior. i definitely would talk to your husband about it, but if he doesn’t have an issue with that… then its gonna be a tough convo

Nope. You chose this. Youre staying and now youre pregnant. This should be no surprise to you at this point


I’m sorry but that’s just wrong. Time for you to talk to both of them at the same time. Put your foot down or it’s just going to get worse…


Have you tried talking to the mother in law?

You knew this and opted to have a child with him anyways.


This should have been brought up before you ever married.


Are you sure their even brothers lol


Why would talking more change? You’re hubby showed you already with his actions what’s important and that he doesn’t want to change. Listen to actions. Not words.


I heard of mama’s boys this is a new one.
Being close to family is good.
This close No, I would Not be in this situation


Just strange🤨talk to both

I have twin brothers who are close but nothing like your problem! I don’t know what to say other then its really kinda weird. The brother should know your boundaries and should have some of his own. Sounds like he needs to find a gf.


Wow that’s tough! You have already spoke your concerns. You have to decide ( stay or leave). No action to change the situation he don’t care how you feel.


I see you creating this issue. So he’s close with his brother, at least it’s not the maid or babysitter. You knew they were close prior to be married and your acting a little over barring and jealous. You can never be someone’s whole world it’d just make you both crazy. Try getting some friends and enjoy yourself and your children without always begging to be seen by a man who’s probably scared to shits having his first child and really depending on his brother for support! I say stand down be grateful get to know your brother in law and show your husband some support and maybe they’ll do the same :wink:

So it’s been like this since day one and you expect him to change?


Start being really nice to the brother, more than your husband, (no funny business) that will get your husband to kick him out


So you’re partner isnt in a relationship with you. Hes in a relationship with his brother !


Mmm it is bit over the top time to sit down and talk I think :thinking:

sounds like they are not brothers at all…o ka re baratani hela ba ba serious

Is it that bad that he is close to his brother? So they carpool to work and it bothers you? I think you need to chill a little.