How should I throw a baby shower?

Hi, my first grandbaby is arriving after Christmas. With this virus going around, and things may change yet again. I’m not sure how to go about throwing a baby shower. If I even should. Ideally, I’d rent a hall to have enough room but wonder how to have the 2020 new moms and expecting families handled this. I’d like to know what worked and if there’s anything, you would have done differently. Thank you!


Maybe a virtual shower, via Zoom? Like, everybody sends the mama to be a present, and then she waits to open the packages until the shower? There are probably games you could play virtually too.

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My family had two pregnancies and babies during this, we did virtual baby showers over FaceTime and mailed things to their houses. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just have a baby shower! If you’re not comfortable doing it then try an online one or a drive through baby shower. Make plates to hand out as they come by. I also seen someone do time slots to limit the people in the place at a time.


You could also do a drive by baby shower

My family is having an in person baby shower in 2 weeks, im having an in person first birthday party in 2 weeks. Both will be outdoors so the comfort will be up to everyone on spacing. :woman_shrugging: But I’ve also had famiky members have drive by birthdays and showers.:woman_shrugging:

I’m having two to cut down on the group size. One is at a home and the other is at a rented space.

Drive by shower! Decorate the front of the house for mama to have a seat while everyone drives by with their well wishes and gifts.

Drive by shower a family member did and had snacks and stuff in the yard and people chose if and how long they stayed

I just had my baby in August. We did a drive through baby shower. Everyone who came stopped by they wore a mask and they dropped off a gift and we had food ready and packed for them. And afterwards with just our parents we did a Facebook live while we opened our presents and had a cake for just us. It worked out so well! Had a tent set up outside it was great!!


Have the shower if people don’t want to come then they don’t.

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Couldn’t do it at the time, it was impossible. The only way you’d do it is extremely small gathering or virtual.

I did my shower with a small group of immediate family and had all gifts mailed to the house where the shower was being held. We took tons of pics for social media and did an online diaper raffle via a Facebook group

I had mine in July. I only invited 7 people, and we had tables spaced apart to sit at. It worked out well

Heard of one where it was a drive by baby shower. They had plates of food in to go boxes.

Really its up to the mother… How does she feel about having a gathering? If she is hesitant then you can always do a drive through type of thing


My family put baby showers together throughout quarantine
It was more like a drive by baby shower
They had a whole set up out front for the new mom to sit, wave, and give thanks
As family drive by greetings, gifts, plates of food, and well wishes were exchanged briefly


We did a drive by shower. Got some tents and decorated them, table for gifts and a table for little goody bags to send home with whoever dropped something off. No getting out of the car.


For my sister I just throw a baby shower like normal just had less people sitting at a table. Also went to a drive thru shower which was beautiful

We didn’t do a baby shower. Rather we are thinking of doing a welcome to the world party when baby is older. He got here a few days ago so we’ll see the state of the world in a month or so