How should my friend and I split the bills?

I have a question that I need advice on. I currently do not have kids; my friend has 2. Me and her, both single are wanting to get an apartment together but can’t figure out how to make it fair with bills such as rent, utilities, food. I obviously need one bedroom for myself, she, on the other hand, needs one room for herself, and 1 for her kiddos. Please comment advice for how it’d be a fair split between bills. Thanks in advance.


Divide all by 4… she of course has 3 shares. And you…1.

She pays 2/3 of the rent. You pay 1/3. Pay for your own food and label it. Split the utilities down the middle.


She should part 2/3 of the rent. She’s taking up 2 bedrooms. She and her children will use more electricity, water etc. If rent is 1500, id think 550/600 is good. U pay 1/3 of everything.


Split bills in 3’s then divide the 3rd so that you pay a little less. Ultimately you should pay a little less than her. As her rent/bills are for 1 and a 1/2 people.

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Rent should be 50 50. Buy your own food she can buy her own. Utilities i could see doing 60 40 her doing 60 but to say she has 3 and you 1 is not accurate depending on age. Little kids use a lot less Utilities than an adult or teen. They also do not eat like an adult/teen


Should b split 50/50 except for the food


Maybe split rent equally and her pay the utilities since she will be using a lot more power and water with having kids? Or split utilities equally and her pay an extra $100 towards rent.
I’d just recommend you buy groceries separately because it’s expensive feeding kids😂

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I think one thing to take into account is mutual need. If you have another roommate that could get you into cheaper smaller apartment, but you stay for your friend then maybe negotiate something other than a 50 50 split. But if the friend is the only reason you can afford where you live, you’re both mutually benefiting and 50 50 wouldn’t be unreasonable. There’s a lot of angles you can look at, I’m just giving another non biased thought.

I would split them still halves

I would do 50/50. If you got another roommate with no children you would play 50/50.


My hubs has his best friend living with us, we have kids, he has a girlfriend that lives here. She pays groceries, but bill wise, hubs and roomie split half and half.

Half is just easier.

I would do 50/50. The children should have no bearing on this. They are minors.


If the kids are under 12, 1/3 for you, 2/3 for her.

As they get older they use more electricity, water etc. (Hours on video games, leaving lights on, longer showers, etc), then that would need to be reassessed.


Help ur single parent friend and split the bills in half.


I’d do 40/60 but you buy your own food my best friend and I shared an apartment she has 5 kids me none at the time our rent was 900 she paid 600 I paid 300 cuz it was 4 bedroom she used 3 me 1 and our light bill was about 150 a month I paid 60 she paid the rest I bought my own food and kept it in a mini fridge in my room we split heat 50/50 and it worked out good. Just get what you decide on down on paper so u both know what expected every month

Rent 50/50 food buy your own but please have it sorted before u move in or it can lead to arguments and split the housework to speaking from personal experience

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I say 50/50 on rent but she pays more on utilities. You buy your own food.

2/3 - 1/3 utilities 50/50 food 2/3- 1/3