How should we file taxes?

I got married in August 2020, so this is our first year filing taxes together. Should we file joint, married, or separate because we weren’t married all year? Who should claim the kids?


Use turbo tax. Enter in all the info in all the different ways. Don’t file

Pick the one with the largest return, then file


If your married by Dec 31 you file for the whole year as married.


You file as married, what ever is final by dec what you go by each year.


married filing joint will get you the best deductions and credits

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Off topic sorta, but what happens if you file head of household and you’re married and file separately?

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For us filing married together gave us the biggest refund!

File married then u both claim the kids

Married filing separate blocks you from about 60 percent of a married or single file refund


You’ll need to file married filing together since you got married during 2020 (you get credit for the entire year as long as you were married on or before 11:59pm December 31). Which ever one of you makes more money will claim the other who makes less money as a dependent and all the children.

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Turbo tax, h&r block whatever. Input all info both ways. See what’s more, married married joint or separate. Then finish the return with the one that’s more.

If you have student loans, you may be better off filing separately. We filed together once and both our student loan payments shot up to about $800/month and we couldnt afford that. Now we have to file separately. We had a tax guy help us figure it all out and it was very helpful.

I got married on December 23 2013 when we did our taxes that January we did our own it was better like that. But after that we have always filed together. As for the kids maybe split it up like him one kid and you the other. Or if not maybe see which way is better. Turbo tax let’s you put your info before actually sending it off. Compare your numbers.

We asked H&R Block and they told us that if we filed jointly itll give us the best refund.

You can’t file single. If you were even married on December 31st the IRS considers you married all year long. You file married or married separate but it basically works out to the same.

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been married since August. You can file jointly. Usually, you get a better return of you file jointly.

You have to file married. I got married Dec 10th and they said whatever your martial status on Dec 31st is thats what you file. I wanted tk mine separate because of the kids but you will get more money if you filed married. I asked my tax preparer to show me both filings before I filed.

Oh we gotta do joint this yr xx
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There is an option to file married but separately. I do it. I own a business. So it’s easier.

This is why people should consult with a tax professional. It really depends on if either party owes past due taxes or has any debt that could be garnished out of the refund. Typically married filing joint gives the most incentives but if one of you owes taxes or has the possibility of having their taxes garnished, I’d file separate and have the person without any liability claim the kids.