How should we handle bathroom issues with our 7 year old?

My seven-year-old always whines and throws a fit every time he poops bc he wants us to wipe his butt after he poops! We have no idea what to do? Do we need ideas?


That kid needs a serious spanking. Make him wipe his own ass.


Everytime you wipe his ass whoop his ass 🤷 bet he wipes his own ass real quick


Do not do it. And when his little bum gets irratated, you can tell him why, that he needs to wipe his own bum. And then put some vaseline to help. He’s gotta learn. It won’t hurt him.


Don’t torture your child, that’s just wrong. Spanking because he won’t wipe his butt is not how you handle things. Get some wet flushable wipes. Go into the bathroom with him and show him how. It may take a few times but patience is better than scolding a child over bathroom issues. Those are very sensitive issues. Momma of 5 boys here. Bath issues are real, so please don’t whip a child for this. 3 out of 5 of my boys have very sensitive bottoms and the flushable wet wipes have been a blessing in disguise.

He needs to be like the little boy in Big Daddy and be able to say But I can wipe my own ass :joy:

You should not hit a child or “whoop his ass” just because he wants his butt wiped. Use it as a lesson to teach him how to do it properly & leave it at that. If he still doesn’t get it, just dont do it. I highly doubt he’s comfortable running around with a dirty bum for too long. I honestly can’t believe people think that violence would be the answer to this.


All you have to do is show him how to wipe his own ass, you don’t need to traumatize the kid! SMH


Why does everyones head split open from one comment? my god, Some children are butt heads/ ass***** and act like they need a spanking lol :joy: … Heck id say that too if that was my son crying cause he doesnt wanna wipe his ass lol geez :roll_eyes: … Heard my mother say she’d spank me and she did lol learned my lesson because I wasn’t listening to what she said at all. Geuss some kids are gonna grow up being pissy from the sounds of some parents who let them get away with shit lol

As a parent of 30yrs, My advice is STOP PLAYING his little game, there are NO personal Ass wipers at SCHOOL, there shouldn’t be one at home!

Does he do it at school? If so he shound be able to do it at home. I would tell him if he does t want to use toilet paper you can provide wipes and or wash clothes for him to do to himself. If he sj at a friends house what does he do?

He is way too.old be wiping him bottom. Do not wipe it for him, if he soils his under wear he is to scrub it in the toilet. Hes a big boy old go on the toilet so hes potty trained.he will be very tired of feeling dirty. Let.alone smelly over.time hell learn on his own good luck


Let him yell and scream, he’ll wipe his own butt. Do not acknowledge him in any way when he throws his fit. If you are not feeding his poor behavior he’ll stop.


At 7? How does he get along in school?


Try wipes could be he doesn’t think he does a Good Job

Wipes will help. Spanking NO!


Was wiping his own butt part of poty training? If yes, then he is seeking attention due to an underlying issue. Only you can establish what it is he is crying out for and deal appropriately.

It’s possible he can’t get it clean enough himself

Maybe he feels like he doesn’t get himself as clean as you do. Try getting Kandoo wipes (There’s a coupon on their website!) They helped us!

My 6 yr old couldnt with tissue. He will use wipes so he does it with them.

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