How should we handle this visitation issue?

My son’s dad and I went to court, and he was given every other weekend for visitation. He asked my husband and me Friday if he could keep him a whole week, and we said we would consider it. But now he’s turned his phone off, and his mother and go, and he have blocked us both on social media as well. Do I wait until he doesn’t show up at 6 pm Sunday or what?


I pray that all is well with your child!! In the future, If ur son is old enough for a phone, use the app called life360 to monitor his whereabouts. Dad doesn’t have to know. It’s for your pwn comfort & sanity.

Big red flag. If you verbally agreed you can change your mind. Go to his house with the police. He could very well say you abandon the child because you never showed up to get the child. Don’t wait till morning


Call police as soon as possible. You should be able to get in contact with your child any time he is in his dads custody, no matter where he is at. He can be held in contempt.


Go to his house tell him his phone isnt working and you wanted to discuss him keeping the son just to have the excuse to check out the situation


Child safety first! Go directly to his house! Don’t wait!! Sounds like he’s avoiding. Call Police if you feel needed!!


red flag for sure, I would not wait, I would call police & explain the situation & have them do a well check on your child asap


The police can’t do anything until after 6pm if he doesn’t show and most states give a 15 minute grace period to being late. So if you don’t have your child by 6:15pm then you call the police


If he don’t show up Sunday at 6 then take custody papers to sheriff department n they will go with you to get ur child most states allow 20 minutes so 6:20 but then u will have to go back to lawyer n file a contempt of court on him I had to go thru alot with my ex husband but now since he puts our child first co-parenting is amazing we just got done sitting n visiting with one another during pick up


oh my God please go to the policeman don’t wait till something bad happens like it had happened before if the police don’t listen to you call the news

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I would ask them to do a wellness check. I wouldn’t wait!

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You need to follow the court order!! If you make other plans have a notebook and write everything down and you both sign it make sure he has a copy too.


You can always call the police for a well check. Do it !

You need a well check.

Very strange. Write a letter, then visit. Maybe he is having financial difficulties and had his phone shut off.

Is he a danger to the kid? If not, then I feel bad for him, only granted to see his child possibly 4 days out of a month…I would go insane

What are you still in love with him sounds like it your still trying to punish him be glad his dad still wants time with him don’t make your kids life bad


Technically he hasn’t done anything wrong yet. At 6:01 I would call the police if your son isn’t home

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Welfare check!! Don’t wait


No don’t wait till Monday because there is no telling what he might do i agree with you all call the police now