How soon after a c-section did you get pregnant again?

How soon after a C-section, did you wait to get pregnant again? I recently had my 3rd C-section and want a baby closer in age to this one.

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I got pregnant again about three months after my csection. No complications. So I have Irish twins who are almost exactly a year apart.

I had one every 16 mo 3 babies in less than 3 years

1st csec 2013
2nd one was 23 months later in 2015
3rd one was 2017, jus 19 months later.
Having 4th csec In december

I got pregnant with my second a year later… they’re a year and 9 months apart
I really wanted a V-back but ended up having another c-section :woman_shrugging:t3:

We had 3 under 3. Had them 18 months n 16 months apart. They are now 3, 2, 8 months plus I have a 9 yr old. My dr did tell me when she delivered our last one that my uterus is very thin due to having so many c sections so close together and strongly recommended I not have another baby due to the high chance of a uterine tear. I am 36 I was 35 at that time.

My last 2 are one day shy of being 13 months apart. He was my 5th c section. Was not planned at all and had no issues during pregnancy.

I got pregnant again at about 5 months after my c section. Everything went well.

I got pregnant with my 2nd when my 1st was 12 weeks old. Irish twins & both c-sections

5 weeks later. My babies are 10 months 2 days apart. No issues.

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I’m having a second C-section on Tuesday, almost 18 months later. Doctor recommendations have been wait 2 years of your wanting to try VBAC, if your good with another C-section, and haven’t had major complications, wait the six weeks to heal up and then go for it.

I had my third child sept 18,2018 and then got pregnant with her sister and had her feb 12,20 and now I have a baby due March 14th 2021. My 2018 baby was a c section. They tell you to wait like two weeks to allow full healing but it was unplanned and I had a vbac with no real complications. Other than occasional high blood pressure I was fine and other than my potassium was really low for some reason in labor we had no issues.

It really depends on how your body is doing I have had 6 c sections. And I can still have more if I want more. My first two are only 12 months and 3 weeks apart. So she was 4 months when I got pregnant. With my second one. Then one 2 years after that then one 3 years after that. Then one 2 after that one. Then one 5 years after that. So it just depends on your uterus really.

I had one in 2018. I was told by my gynaecologist to wait at least a year before getting pregnant again to allow the scar in my womb to heal. Otherwise the pressure could cause it to tear

I’ve never had one but my sister’s first 3 kids are all less than a year apart all c sectons she had 5 total

14 months after my C section but had a successful vbac after my first C section and then 5 years later had another successful vbac

Mine 4 years apart…

2016 and the next is due Feb 2021. I have no idea why we waited so long just did

My first son was born 6/9/2014 then my other son was born 11/9/2016

I had twins in 2001 1 natural and 1 emergency c section. I got pregnant 8 weeks after