How soon can a pregnancy test detect whether you're pregnant?

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I tested 2 weeks before my cycle and got a faint line with my 2nd daughter

Depends on the test but usually within a few weeks.

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7 days if it’s a blood test. For an urine test you have to wait 2 or 3 weeks.

Usually some point after you’ve had sex.


Mine showed up on a urine test 2-3 weeks after conception

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I took two the day I was supposed to get my period and both came back positive and also confirmed through a blood test.

some claim can detect a full 7 days before you start.

I literally found out with my third child at 3 weeks pregnant. Which means I technically had only been pregnant for about a week. I found out with my other two at about 4 weeks pregnant. Which means I had only actually been pregnant for two weeks.

5 days before your missed period

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You can test the day of your period

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My period was 4 days late and the test read pregnant.

Mine showed positive 2 weeks before a missed period.


Mine showed at 2 weeks pregnant it was a blood test though.

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Just practice good healthy habits & don’t stress out about finding out your pregnant ! with my first pregnancy I was 4 months before I missed a period.

I found out at 3 weeks after trying for a year

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Depends on the test. They usually say on the box/leaflet

The day after pill is usually a safer bet than waiting on a pregnancy test