How soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy?

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I missed period on a Thursday and was hospitalized with morning sickness the following Monday. It was a very long, miserable pregnancy


I knew even before my missed period. I felt different and my stomach felt like it had a ball in it

My friend got pregnant on her honeymoon and spent most of it with morning sickness. I knew with my second child before I was along far enough for a home test…my husband asked me to keep an eye on kale he was cooking while he cut the grass; I had to run to the bathroom every time I lifted the pot lid.

I knew within days of both of mine but probably because we were trying so hard for them and I was on the look out for anything out of the ordinary :laughing:

I knew pretty quickly. Blood rushing feeling in my belly area and I immediately pick up weight. I was working out all the time and I couldn’t loose weight in my belly area. The second it was within three weeks and the third I knew about the same.

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I knew right away with my first. Days pregnant. It took so long for that line to show up though… and then my dating ultra sound confirmed @ 4 ish weeks… I got to see my baby’s heart start beating a few days later :heartbeat:

With my last baby I knew 7 days after conception cause I started cramping, spotting and just felt off. Took a test 2 days later and it was a faint positive.

Two weeks before I missed my period. Boobs were so sore and the nausea was awful. Took 2 or 3 blood test ( I worked at a lab) waited till I missed my period and boom positive.

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I felt symptoms as soon as I realized I skipped my period. I had PMS symptoms and all of a sudden they went away without a period. I also felt like I had a UTI.
Although I had symptoms, I was in such denial that I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was maybe 6 weeks😅


I got pregnant on my wedding night. Woke up the next morning feeling “off” but put it down to the festivities of the day before and my experience that night. But symptoms persisted, and within two weeks, I was nauseated all the time and throwing up at the drop of a hat. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but suspected. A test at six weeks confirmed. Happened every time I got pregnant - my body knew almost immediately. And I was sick day and night the entire nine months, each time. Sheesh! Hated being pregnant. Loved the results.


Mine too. Nine months of morning sickness.

Within days, but no test will prove it.

At 12 weeks Suddenly my bras were too small.

I would say like at 4 anda half weeks . My boobs hurt days…went too see obgyn. She confirmed i was 5 weeks pregnant.

It depends, I was pregnant and took the test for 2 months, negative, month 3, positive :pregnant_woman:

As soon as the puking started🤢

I felt like I had a belt on the inside of my body at 3 weeks before I actually missed a period

They have pregnancy tests at the drugstore. Symptoms vary for different people.

Breaststroke started hurting first