How soon can you test for pregnancy after sex?

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From what I read it’s two weeks, for both of my kids I found out about 3 to 4 weeks. Which was luck and the constant throwing up I did with both because I only have a period once a year. It makes it hard to track ovulation.


10-12 days after your period for ovulation (you could ovulate later or earlier though. Its best to test the day of your next period due…I didn’t get a positive till 4 days after my period was due though even though I knew as the week before coffee smell kept making me throw up :).

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Implantation takes place about 10 days after sex this is when hcg is stating to be produced and this is the hormone that the urine test are looking for. So this would have to be present for a positive result.

I found out 17 days after sex. I tested negative on the 15th day so I retested 2 days later; test was positive :sweat_smile:

I feel like if this is a question you need to ask a social media page and not know or know how to Google, parenting is going to be a tough one for you cookie.


Ovia is a good app to track period, ovulation and all that

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I didn’t test positive until maybe 2 months. My body was telling me tho. I was so hungry


I had a negative pregnancy test when I was 4 weeks pregnant and took one a week later at 5 weeks and it was a dark line saying pregnant

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About 2 weeks for implantation to happen and show up on urine screen


Once he pulls out but it may not be accurate yet lol

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With early response they say up to 5 days before a missed period .

At 7dpo this pregnancy I had a vvvvfl. I just had a feeling I was and it was correct.

I wait till you period Is due my pregnancies never show up if I do the test before I’m due

It’s usually about two weeks before enough hcg will show.

A week before a missed period. You can have blood work done from a dr to tell sooner

Probably a minor asking this question.


In the old days they would say after you missed two or three periods.

5 min after lol jk I found out when I didn’t start my period and it’s late

I didn’t test positive till 4 days after my period my due.

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