How soon can you test for pregnancy after sex?

After about three weeks since the last day of your last cycle you should be able to get an accurate reading

You can technically test whenever you want but Sabrina Lynn is correct…it would usually probably be at least 2 weeks…


Why don’t these people just google these questions?


I found out at the 2 week mark for both of my children!

You can test anytime you want but to be accurate about 10 days.

I always heard 2 weeks and test with morning pee

Dumbass questions shouldn’t be posted…


Maybe after a missed period

I found out at 8dpo this time

You can test any time.
…but the test may not be accurate

It’s not after sex as such :sweat_smile: you could have sex everyday it doesn’t mean it’s your fertile window.
They recommend to wait 10-12 days after OV to avoid the anxiety of waiting for a line to appear… also saves you money! Realistically every woman’s body is different… you can implant in 2 days you can implant on the last possible day… you ve learnt to wait until the day of AF or the day before but anything sooner than that is just stressful!

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I text positive 7-8 days after sex

Atleast 7 days after you miss your period

Are these real questions lol

1 week after missed priod

Generally 8-14 days after sex, however some can get a faint line at 7 days and others won’t get a positive until 15-18 days. It also depends on the test. First response are very accurate early on whereas clear blue and digital tend to take a few more days.

I tested about 10 days after my peak ovulation day(also the day we had sex) I was using an ovulation tracker and mine was positive immediately but I am also pregnant with twins so my hcg level was higher. Also why do people have to be so negative about someone asking a question either answer the question or don’t but don’t be an ass about it. You do not know why they might be asking this question or why they don’t know the answer. Just be kind, it’s not hard to do and it’s free.

There are several factors that take place besides just unprotected sex. If your ovulating and you know it’s a chance, wait till your next period to see if it’s implantation bleeding (lighter period). Only then should you test a week or two after.

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If you need to ask this…please keep taking birth control x

Do you have a mother who can guide you ?