How soon did you start showing in your second pregnancy?

How early in your second pregnancy, did you start showing? How was your second different from your first in size?


With all three I started showing around 20 weeks

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12 weeks with my second and you could hardly tell I was pregnant w my first…

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I started to show around 9 weeks !! Same with my third!

About 16 weeks, and I feel bigger this pregnancy

With my first around 15 weeks, my 2nd almost the same and my third about 25 weeks. This pregnancy (currently 38 weeks and 4 days) is killing me. Been one cm dilated for a week and a half and it just won’t change :unamused::unamused::unamused:

First I didn’t show until around 20 weeks.

Second I was showing around 10 weeks!
This baby has also measured big the whole time

With my 1st around 26wks. With my 2nd around 22wks. Didnt get to show with my 3rd. Around 18wks with my 4th, but not really until around 20wks

I showed earlier with my second than I did with my first. Everyone told me I looked bigger with my second but I didn’t feel bigger. And my second was half an inch and half a pound bigger than my first.

First barley a bump at 16 weeks. Baby 2 way noticeable bump at 16 weeks.

With my first I stayed small. Couldn’t really tell until about 30 weeks. Second baby you could clearly tell at 16 weeks and I was huge throughout the whole pregnancy.

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I didn’t show much at all with my first until around 20 weeks, with my second and third was between 9-12 weeks. Wasn’t much, just a little pot belly lol

With my first, I didn’t start showing until around 7 months, but my bump was pretty small even then. People thought I was only a couple months along.

With my second, I started showing extremely early. At 6 weeks (two weeks after pregnancy confirmation) I was noticeably bloated. By 8 weeks I had a noticeable bump. By 12 weeks I was already bigger than I was at 7 months with my first. I didn’t get huuugggeee with him, either, but I definitely looked as pregnant as I was.

I am on my 4th pregnancy and 13 weeks along and I am not showing. I am also on the bigger side but with all 3 previous pregnancies I did not really start showing till between 26 to 30 weeks.

I showed maybe 16 weeks for #2 where as #1 it was 20. And #2 was 2lbs heavier and an inch bigger

I’m on my third and I still get people who tell me I didn’t even know you were pregnant, I have like a month left :rofl::rofl:
But every pregnancy is different it doesn’t matter if it’s your first second third fourth or fifth every baby is different and your body will always react differently.

Definitely starting showing sooner with #2. I had a small bump at 20 weeks with my first (girl) and I started showing around 16 weeks with my second (boy). Daughter was 7lb 13oz at birth. After my 20 week ultrasound, they think baby boy will end up being 9lbs (hoping he’s only a little bigger then his sister :sweat_smile:)

9 weeks with my youngest.

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I started showing around 16 weeks with all my pregnancies now I’m 11 weeks pregnant with baby number 5 and still teenie tiny.

1st didnt show til I was around 32 weeks never really got that pregnant belly, she was only 4 14 though. 2nd was a little bigger at 5 8 started showing around 26 weeks 3rd was 6 6 started showing around 18 weeks 4th was 7 10 started showing around 14 weeks. I was 35 when I had my last and it literally was horrible I was in a ton of pain it was rough but I had the last 3 16 and 18 months apart so I think that’s why

First pregnancy didn’t show until 24 weeks- born at 38/3 weighed 7:15 18 inches

Second pregnancy- shows at 15 weeks- born at 39 weighed 8:02 21 inches

Third pregnancy- shows at 20 weeks- born at 39/5 weighed 9 even and was 21 inches.