How soon did you try having a baby after a miscarriage?

Hey mamas, I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks then had a D&C. This was about two weeks ago. I just wanted to know for all the mamas that had miscarriages, when did you start trying again? This was also my first pregnancy.


Took 3 months after .

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My dr. Recommended 3 months.

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My doctor suggested 9 weeks

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I got pregnant 2 months after I suffered a miscarriage. My rainbow baby will be 28 next month

Its recommended u wait 3 to 6 months depending on how many and why u had the miscarriage. Because if u get pregnant right after the miscarriage it possibly can raise ur risk to have another miscarriage

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My doctor said you are actually most fertile after a d&c if you feel you are emotionally ready to try again.


I would ask your doctor but my OB always wanted me to have one period cycle before trying again

They say wait for a while so your body can heal

I had a miscarriage in july had to get a dnc done and the doctor that did it said i can try right away or wait but i just finally got my period the beginning of September so now im trying… So baby dust on everyone thats trying

When you are mentally ready. You’re body will go thru a cycle when its ready.

I stopped trying after miscarriage as didnt want to put pressure on myself
Fell pregnant 6 months after. Now have 2 healthy, happy daughters x

I had a miscarriage and D&C and got pregnant 5 weeks later. But then I lost it because my uterine wall was likely still too thin. So then I waited one cycle and conceived the following month and had a successful pregnancy. So wait at LEAST one cycle!

I think I got preggo 3 months after mine.

Need to have at least one cycle and then you can start trying.

I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and had a d&c, also my first pregnancy. I waited until I had one cycle then fell pregnant with our rainbow baby after that. It was about 3 months after our loss xx

I had to have a D&C when I was 17 weeks pregnant. We didn’t activly try for about 9ish months. It was too sore a subject for us to think of trying sooner
I got pregnant with my daughter 2 months after, we weren’t really even trying then.

I got pregnant the same month I miscarried but my miscarriage happened at 5 weeks and a d&c wasn’t necessary.

I miscarried at 11/12 weeks and the doctor didnt say anything about waiting that I remember. It was about 3 months or so later that I got pregnant with my son. Edit to add: we didnt exactly try but we didnt use protection either. We let it happen on it’s own

Was told you are most fertile after a pregnancy, miscarriage or not. We continued to try, it took us nearly a year to get pregnant again. Sorry for your loss :heart: