How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?

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Theres no real answer to that. Because every body is different. I’ve had them show positive at a week early and my first didn’t show positive until I was almost in my second trimester.


With my second, I got a positive a week and a half BEFORE my missed period.

Everyone is different, if the at home tests seem inaccurate or ineffective, I’d go to the doctors for a blood test to be sure

usually 2 weeks after ovulating…

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With my first, I was 5 weeks (but I hadn’t even realized at the time that I’d missed my period). With my second, I just had a feeling I was pregnant and took a test before my missed period. The pink line was VERY faint, you almost couldn’t see it and wouldn’t notice it at first glance, and I ended up going to my OB to confirm it.

It depends not everybody is the same
With my son I tested I was three weeks five days pregnant And this one well faint positives

I got a negative 14dpo
Then at 16dpo I got a positive.
Everyone is different I think.

Depends on ur hcg levels in ur urine a blood test will give u a more accurate response usually earlier on

8 days after ovulation is the earliest I’ve ever gotten one

Different for every person…I was 2 days late on my period, took a test and it showed negative…I wasnt worried about it, 2 days after that i fell at work having a seizure and cracked my head on concrete gave myself a mild concussion and the drs did blood work and it showed I was. Went home took a test it still didnt show positive. It wasnt till 2 days after the doctor’s visit that I showed positive on a test.

I was about a week late and couldn’t wait any longer, showed positive instantly

Mine tested positive 12 days after conception

For me, anywhere from 11-12 days to 3 weeks from conception.

Mine showed up after a week and a half but was very light

I was 5 weeks when my first one told me pregnant