How to dry up breast milk?

I started weaning and my milk supply has been slow to dry up. Any advice on what i can do?


Compressing the breasts with a big ace bandage & cut back on your intake…
It’ll take about 2 weeks

Frozen cabbage leaves in your bra, or bags of frozen veggies in your bra.

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I was told just to wear a firm bra night an day (no movement of boobs basically). More they are touched etc the more milk comes through…
an was told to wet nappies an put in freezer an use them instead of cabbage leaves (although I used cabbage leaves with my oldest 2 daughters)… it’s been 15 weeks since I have had bubs an I didn’t breastfeed an I sometimes get a little leak now an then (took about 12 weeks to slow right down) an I went to dr an they said they will dry up in there own.

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I was pumping 60oz a day and just “cold turkey” it. Wore bra to bed and slept with a towel under me. Maybe not the best and safest way, but worked for me with no issues.

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I wore a super tight bra or sports bra and stuffed with cold cabbage leaves , mine dried up in 2 or so days

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Very tight sports bra with cabbage leaves in it.

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Wait it out. My youngest has been off the boob 2.5 years. I can still express milk.

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Cabbage leaves nice and cold

Here is a group I follow :slightly_smiling_face:

I mixed peppermint essential oil with coconut and applied a couple times a day.
Cabbage leaves didn’t work for me.

Original altoids. Eat as much as you can stand, the more during the day the better!

Stop breastfeeding all together

A friend said putting cabbage in your bra helps.


Take antihistamines (dristan) and wrap breasts with ace bandage.

Just stop breast feeding /pumping and they will be dried up in about a week/week and half it hurts though cause they are engorged

Don’t let the warm shower/water get on them until they are dried up!

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Naturally let them dry up without use mine dried within a week first few days hurts though

Cabbage leaves!!! Its cold and it smells weird but it works!!!

Cabbage leaves my friend who is a mother of four swears by them!