How to get baby out of transverse position?

I am 31 weeks; at my last appointment, my doctor noticed my baby was in the transverse position and recommended me some exercises that may get him to turn on his own. I have been trying them daily, but so far, no luck. With my other Pregnancies, I have never experienced this; the baby was always positioned head down when the doctor checked. He stays in the same position; he is very active! But he doesn’t seem like he is going to budge on changing his position. I go back at my 32 weeks check up next week, so I’m sure ill get more insight from my doctor then, but I am just curious if anyone has experienced this and how it worked out for them; I have had all vaginal births, so the thought of him not turning in time and needing a c section has me a bit scared. Any thoughtful words or ideas I could try are appreciated.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get baby out of transverse position?

Honestly you can turn the baby or your doctor can, however, the baby could turn back when in labor or before.

Chiro !!! My Chiro was the only thing that helped. I left the office and knew it worked because I could see my belly shape change !

Chiropractor that specializes in the Webster technique!!! My babe flipped at 37 weeks this way!

Go to a chiro for the Webster technique also spinning babies. But really you still have a bunch of time I wouldn’t be concerned yet! My baby turned from head down to breech at 35 weeks then back to head down at 36 weeks

I’m almost 31 weeks and my baby is in the same position! Lol
My dr says I have plenty of time for him to move.

My youngest was transverse up until the day before I had her. I highly recommend spinning babies and chiro - like others have said.

There is still time for babe to move. I will say with my last the doctor had to move
Him and pressing on my belly and it did not feel good but it worked.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get baby out of transverse position?

My husband used to talk to the baby down low, and once he talked higher and she kicked him the whole time. I would have your partner talk low, or play music low.

I wouldn’t worry too much until you get to week 37+, he has time. Do the exercises the Dr recommended and don’t fret too much (I know, easier said than done) until you have a few more weeks in, not good for you or him and that’s the main concern. I hope he turns but if he doesn’t it’ll be okay. Good luck on a safe delivery and healthy baby and mom.

The dr turned my second baby because he refused to move into the correct spot. He turned again and they moved him again. However they did tell me they can no longer turn him after your water breaks because it could be dangerous. Ask your dr at your next appt if they’d try to turn your baby

My friends baby was turned and they had to turn him. It hurt she said. My daughter stayed breach the whole time. They would not turn because she was too small and I had severe Preeclampsia. They waited as long as they could to deliver her but any longer could been severe for her and I. She was premature delivered via c section but healthy.

I looked at and did the one with my legs on the couch and my head down and the one with my upper body on the floor and my feet on the couch. When I went in to have the doctors manually flip him, he had flipped on his own. I also rubbed my belly in a circular motion a lot and it might sound crazy but I did a lot of deep breathing and talked to my baby about flipping… not sure which actually worked but something did! You still have time! My son did this between 37-38 weeks!

My last one was like that,had to have an emergency c-section, not just because of position but also possible size.she will be 17 this winter

Chiropractors familiar with pregnancy can help.

You still have a lot of time for your little sweet baby to go into head down position

My doctor had me use a bag of frozen veggies on my belly. It worked :woman_shrugging:

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pinterest has ideas exercise ball i know works some times