How to have a boy?

I have two beautiful girls, ages 8 and 5. I have always wanted a boy. I think it’s time I start trying … any suggestions? Any way I can increase my chance of conceiving a boy?


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Daddy’s sperm determines gender.


Eat more cereals before you try!

No.God and the daddy determine that


Idk how true it is, but it’s said that you’re more likely to get a boy if you’re with your partner living together in a happy home and environment.


It’s up to the male. Slower sperm is a girl, and faster sperm is a boy. Maybe put him on vitamins or Google how to make his sperm quicker? Might sound crazy but there are ways!


Dad determines and my ob told me if dads sperm count is low will be more chances of a girl


It’s up to the daddy.

Google and get busy :joy: thats literally what i did. Googled all the diffrent theories and methods and tried them all. My son turns 6 this year. Could have also been pure luck too. 🤷 either way good luck to you.

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There is no scientific evidence that proves there are ways to determine or choose gender of the child. The sperm is what determines the gender. It all comes down to what ever sperm gets to the egg first.


Sex in early ovulation. You want to have lots of sex the exact day you start ovulating, day before and day after.

What about the Chinese gender calendar?


Look up Shettles method… of course nothing is 100% .

i’ve done it ALL. nothing ever worked lmao. positions, foods, certain times, etc. all that worked was nature deciding it was my time lol. 3 girls later and i’m finally pregnant with my son :blue_heart: good luck to you mama !!

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Or do the ring test see if it’s right with 2 girls first and see if anymore

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Yes male sperm is faster , so you have to hit your ovulation just at the right time. Just be happy with a healthy baby


Nothing full proof but I’ve heard a lot of people try to get as close to the ovulation day as possible. Y sperm move faster and die faster than X sperm.


Chinese gender calendar has always been accurate for me. Maybe try & go off that :woman_shrugging:t3:


My Mom always told me it was an old wives tale to aim high (doggy style) but my Mom was crazy so it is likely not true. :joy:

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