How to increase milk supply?

First time mom to a 3 week old boy.
I’ve noticed a decrease in my milk supply so I got lactation cookies from Walmart to help bust my milk supply again.

Just curious if any other mom’s used them and if so how soon after did you notice a increase in your milk supply.

Please no rude comments😁


Just keep nursing! Nurse often and drink water and Gatorade :grinning:

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For me, personally, nothing I did helped. I tried nursing more, pumping more, drinking almost two gallons of water per day (i live in the desert), lactation cookies, lactation teas, brewers yeast, massages… but I couldn’t keep up on it and i dried up a month and a half after having my daughter and a month after my son.


I’ve heard drinking body armor helps boost milk supply. I’m 35 weeks and I started drinking it about a weeks ago to see how it will work.

I took Fenugreek and it worked wonders!

I wonder if they have these lactation cookies in South Africa :thinking:. I could sure do with a boost

Drink a bottle of water while feeding and often

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Oatmeal worked the best for me. I couldn’t believe how fast and how much. I tried fenugreek and it felt like it went down with that

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It’s most likely your supply beginning to regulate to just what baby needs. Eat plenty of calories, keep hydrated and nurse all he wants. That’ll help

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Mother’s Milk teas worked for me. You can find it at Walmart

Gatorade helped me a crap ton. I never ate any cookies though.

I just didn’t produce enough. My friends milk just dried up.

Sometimes it just happens

Don’t do fenugreek because it can sometimes decrease your supply. Water, oatmeal & try the body armor drinks. And nurse, nurse, nurse


I got them they helped for me

Lots of water, oatmeal, nurse/pump constantly it’s a supply and demand. Your supply doesn’t completely regulate tjll 6 weeks. Fenugreek can decrease supply in some women and also can cause lots of gas in babies. Legendairy supplements helped me a lot.

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A girl told me not to waste my money on all these lactation foods, she said chocolate oatmeal cookies work just fine.

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It helped me. But I also starting eating a lot of those nutrigrain oat bars as well as lactation teas and just a ton of water in general. But I couldn’t keep pumping after 2 months. It made me crazy.

Body armor drinks! Good for hydration! And super good strawberry banana is my favorite, also oatmeal helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Body armour drinks, oatmeal, coconut milk. All have helped me.