How to relieve teething pain?

Just after some advice :blush: my son is 7 months and hes got his top 4 teeth coming through at the same time. He cried non stop all night which is very strange for him. He wasnt like this when his first 2 teeth came through. I have given him calpol when he has spiked a fever and Anbesol rubbed on his gums recommended by the chemist. I have also called the non emergency help line who basically just said i need to wait it out. Is there anything i can do to make him more comfortable? I hate seeing him in pain


Let him chew on something cold…

Ibuprofen is best for any dental related pain. If you have pure vanilla extract, it can help to rub it on their gums as well when teething.

Mommy’s bliss gripe water is all natural and my best friend!

A cold washcloth to suck on. I freeze my baby food and have those mesh pacifiers, and a waterproof bib. He’ll feed himself while enjoying the cold on his gums.

I use to use these mesh feeders I think is what there called i put frozen fruit or ice in it my son loved chewing on it or a frozen teether ring

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Tylenol or Motrin, frozen things for the pain

My daughter was the same way. It was hell. I used camellia (not sure if you have it in the states) and it worked amazing !! I also put an ice cube in one of her towels and let her chew on it (obviously i didnt let her hold it i did). Never use any numbing stuff as it could cause them to choke.

If your breastfeeding you can pump your milk and make lil popsicles with it and let him suck on them for comfort it’s amazing good luck and hope he gets he’s lil chompers soon!

Let him chew on a wet wash rag it helped my daughter every time

Icepoles ! Swear by it . Put inside those plastic food mesh things x

Give him a frozen wash cloth or something similar…

I used hylands teething tablets for my son.

Don’t give the baby orgel and if you do only infant if he or she is old enough I’m not sure bc I don’t use it. But don’t use adult or reg orgel it can really make you baby sick or kill him because of the ingredients. I would ask your pedi. But try ibuprofen and the mesh food holders put frozen fruit or even a ice cube. Vanilla extract works wonders to and it’s natural. Also maybe try a finger toothbrush and massage the gums. Good luck momma :heart:

Get the edge of a washcloth wet and freeze. Let him chew on those

…I bought some of these last night

Yes! Alternate Advil and Tylenol. Also tie a knot in a washcloth, wet onlybthe know n freeze it. He can teeth on that. I aleays had 2 so it was ready to go when needed. I also washed them in the washer with hot water and VERY LITTLE soap but white vinegar would be better.

Do not use ANY oragel without researching. Even the baby and natural kind contains things that are harmful for your baby.

Rotate Tylenol and ibuprofen. Give cold rags, teething rings, frozen foods in a mesh feeder. Do not give anything with alcohol in it such as vanilla extract and do not give orajel.

Rub whiskey on his gums.