How to safely co sleep?

I need tips on how to safely co sleep with a baby that is very mobile. I usually wake up to her very quickly when she’s in her crib. It’s just been the last few nights that she’s been in my bed with me for part of the night. I’m hoping it’s just a phase. She went from sleeping on my chest, to sleeping in a rock n play, to sleeping in her crib, and now this. She’s 9.5 months old. I have a couple foam tops on my mattress right now that I’m probably going to be taking off. Is there some kind of siding I should get for the bed?


  1. I am not married so those of you who claim I am neglecting my husband… well you know what they say about assuming.

  2. My sweet baby is teething. She usually sleeping in her crib just fine after I have rocked her to sleep but has just wanted her mom 24/7 since her first tooth broke the skin.

  3. I didn’t ask for horror stories or judgement. I asked for advice. If you don’t have any, move along.


No you need to put her back into her own bed. This is a really hard habit to break.


you can get a guard , to prevent her from rolling off the bed, they have them at Wal-Mart you just stick it between your mattress & box spring , they have them at Wal-Mart , my LO is 9 months & she sleeps in her crib but when she’s in bed with me I use mine

If you’re okay with her sleeping with you, there is railing you can put on the sides of your mattress so that she can’t fall out.

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i have my bed up against the wall. he sleeps between daddy and me, or me and the wall.

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Our bed is against the wall so on the rare occasion our 3 year old gets in the bed, i put her on the inside.

My oldest slept with me till she was about 8 and my now 2 yr old sleeps with me and will NOT sleep anywhere else…me and his dad sleep on the edges of the bed of our king size bed…not sure this helps with your question but just something to think about lol :rofl::-1::yum::sweat_smile::thinking:

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We always start my daughter in her own bed. If she wakes up we’d bring her in bed with us. We would put her in her own bed if one of us is awake. She’s 5 and comes into our bed almost every morning. Some people don’t mind. I really don’t. I only have 1 child. So I’m fine with her coming into my bed forever :heart:


Depends how she sleeps. If she is up and active every few hours get a rail. If she is rolling around in her sleep get a rail. My son slept in his crib and his own bed up until recently but he’s 4 lol.

My very wriggly 2 year old will roll all over his bed but when he’s in the bed with me he doesn’t move at all. He sleeps in between me and the side of the bed that has his bed on it. He’s never fallen off. When my 4 year old used to co sleep with me she slept in between me and the wall cause I had the bed pushed beside the wall. She fell off like one time cause she somehow wormed her way to the bottom.

If you want you can take one side off the crib and put it beside your bed so that way she’s still in her own space kinda but also near you. There are also rails you can put on your bed.

My son sleeps next to the wall, I also bought the bed railing things just for an added piece of mind. I’m a single mom, so he’s co slept with me since day one, he’s 4 now.

I had my bed against the wall and a body pillow between us and he knew he had to stay on that side. He had his on blanket etc so that worked for us.

I’d be putting her in her own bed. never safe to cosleep, just be persistent and consistent and put her back… Hard to retrain them to sleep back in their beds where they should be when they are older…

Yeah but if she goes to sleep in her crib wakes up in middle night. Change her and whatever put her back in her crib. Why put her in ur bed then?. I’m just one dont like co sleeping with LOs. Unless they sick in my bed then when better back to their bed.

All my boys sleep with me and my husband off and on. They take turns. It’s never all night. I’ve heard pool noodles work

My 8.5 month old is also super active and moves constantly in his sleep. He sleeps in his crib half the night and between my husband and I the other half. If you don’t have another body to use as a bumper, maybe try moving your bed against the wall or a railing for your bed :slight_smile: and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for cosleeping! As long as it’s done safely, it’s completely natural and normal for an infant/child to sleep near their mother.


Every night I sneak out of my bed leaving behind my 3 and 4 year olds . by morning they have both found their way to my spare bed . sleep isnt ever peaceful. If I could do anything over itd be the bed sharing. I loved to cuddle but I get no sleep and i miss my man

Take your bed off of the frame and put it on the ground against the wall that way they do not fall off the bed and hurt themselves. Do not put any plastic covers on your bed or memory foam anyting on your bed including pillows because they can accidentally suffocate event at 9 months old

My daughter was in her crib for 1 night before she was so fussy that i let her in my bed for 1 night she was 3 months old… Shes now 2 and still sleeps in my bed she wont sleep anywhere else. They have co sleepers at target and walmart i would get one of those. And i pushed my bed against the wall and put a body pillow against the wall so she stays warm. My daughter is very active but these beds work

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My son slept in his bassinet until he was 3 weeks then ended up in bed with us. He refused to sleep anywhere else. He will be 1 next month and sleeps in between us and we are on the edges. If it is just you in the bed just use pillows or put your bed against the wall. I honestly sleep better with him in bed with us that way I can wake up and see him breathing.