How to start potty training?

My son is three and trying potty training again we had him trained went to a few days at grandparents house came back in diapers so just started trying again he will do great when he isn’t wearing any undies or pants if he has undies on most of the time he will pull it out but sometimes he will pee in them if he has pants on he will always pee in them he won’t tell us that he has to pee he just goes off and pees he also will pee in anything he sees like a cup,bowl,bucket he has three pottys and won’t use them he just started to poop in the as well how do we get him to use the potty he know where the potty is sometimes he will pee in it it’s been day four with trying to get him to go on the potty.

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This is all jummbled together. Makes it very difficult to read & comprehend correctly.


Regression! I’d wait abit longer then try again. Dont force it, it makes it worse

Try getting a step for the toilet mine were all svared of the potty :see_no_evil:

Well my son thought the his underwear would somehow catch and would still pee in himself so I had it that as soon as we were home, I stripped him but naked, it took a little but but he got the concept. He didnt like being naked so I told him if he wanted his underwear he needed to go in the potty. When he did good, he got his underwear, when he had an accident he was back naked. Good luck

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Never let them go naked as they will not get use to wearing underwear. Always always, throw away the pull ups/diapers completely and just go straight to underwear even for nighttime. Best and most effective way to train in my opinion. Pull ups just confuse them.

Use the toilet. He will catch it faster and better cuz he’ll see everybody in the house goes there. It will take time and you need to be patience.

Good luck

Heavy heavy praise when he does go to the potty. I mean jump up and down, clap, sing the potty song, and high five’s with a bunch of “big boys” added.

We just went straight for the regular toilet. They have potty seats that hang on the side of the toilet and then you just lay it on the regular seat. Most come in cool colors or have special characters on them. I wouldn’t go back to diapers. Be consistent. Don’t let him go to peoples homes that aren’t going to potty train him as well. Side note- my son was 3.5 when he finally potty trained. He was in preschool and saw the other kids getting giant ribbon stickers every time they peed on the potty. That did it for him. I’ve heard other people put Cheerios in the water and he can aim…or color the water with food coloring. Think of fun stuff that might attract him. A m&m every time he pees and 2 if he poops :woman_shrugging:t2:

When my son was 3 I tried potty training him and it just wasn’t working and didn’t seem that it was the right time. Once I stopped forcing it he all of a sudden went potty on the toilet all by himself and from that day was potty trained. I tried everything before that to potty training him and nothing worked. In your situation I would explain the appropriate place to go to the bathroom.

Sounds kinda silly but if you can some how sit on the potty yourself and just pour apple juice in it without him seeing and say “ yay mommy peed your turn!” Or use his favorite toy and set them on it with apple juice or peanut butter in the bowl this worked for my youngest. We tried to make it VERY exciting lol