How to start potty training?

Need potty training advice! My son will be 2 on the 15th. Sometime last fall we started to introduce a potty, not full blown potty training but just letting him sit on it if he wanted to and encouraging the idea. We got a potty chair and a toilet seat and he prefers to sit on the big toilet. Then at the start of this year he became very interested in starting potty training on his own.

We still weren’t getting super serious about it, I was not making him sit on it every 15 minutes or anything like that I was just letting him tell me when he wanted to sit on it which was about 3x a day 1 of those 3 times was always for his daily poop, so I haven’t changed any poop diapers all year. Now I thought we were ready to get more serious and start sitting on it multiple times an hour and now he refuses to use the potty at all!

He has been pooping in his diaper every day since last Sunday and if I ask him if he wants to sit on the toilet he says no. If I try to make him do it anyways he screams and says “I want down!” So I let him get down because I’m not trying to make him scared of the toilet or traumatize him but idk what to do now. Should I keep encouraging him to use the potty or just take a break from it for a while? Im kind of disappointed because he was doing really good. :confused: