How to start potty training?

Okay my step daughter is 2 will be 3 in December and she goes to the bathroom just fine during the day no accidents. When we first started potty training I kept her for 4 days and did the 3 day potty training method and it worked even waking up to go to the potty in the middle of the night with only 1 or 2 night time accidents a week. I am currently pregnant with my first child and he is due in about a month I was wonder is it too soon for her to be fully potty trained because she still sets the bed at night but I believe it’s only like that because her mom and grandma put her in pull-ups at night and don’t watch her much they give her to drink before bed time. I have her a great amount of time though out the week and lots of over nights. And I would like her to not be still in pull up and having accidents at night when the baby comes. It would just be so much more work on me especially when I know she is capable of getting up in the night and going for the most part. I just feel like the pull ups just makes her feel comfortable with going in her sleep. Opinion or advice very much needed before I texted her mom and address the situation