How to stop sore nipples when breastfeeding?

So I just started breastfeeding as a first time mom with a newborn. My nipples are so sore and chapped. Nothing has helped soothe them and when I feed my baby it’s so painful at the start because I’m so raw. Does anyone have any advice?


Lanolin cream, also check the latch baby might not be latching deep enough. My suggestion would be to talk to a lactation consultant to help with latching.


It just hurts like heck at the beginning, I just pushed through it. Making sure they have a good latch definitely helps not hurt so bad

I was the same way. My lactation consultant sent me to a pharmacy that made a special cream. It had pain reliever and an extreme moisturizer/healing agent in it. It was a miracle worker for me. Maybe speak with your pediatrician/lactation consultant and see if they could prescribe something like that? Other than that, eventually, your nipples with get used to it. I know that’s hard to hear, but it does work itself out.

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If you still have pain after 1 week you should see an IBCLC to ensure baby is latching correctly and doesn’t have any oral ties. In the meantime use lanolin after every feed or hand express milk, leave it on your nipple and let air dry. The less friction and more air they get the better as it will also help prevent thrush or infection if you have tiny skin breaks you can’t see.


nipple cream, there gonna hurt for the first 3-5 weeks, and don’t use soap on your nipples when you shower

Ok. I’ve breastfed kids damn near longer then I’ve legally bee Able to drink :joy::joy:
Avoid petroleum based anything it can trap bacteria in and it wont let ya nips breath.
At any chance possable let them air out.
I used coconut oil just cuz it’s safe for baby if ingested and like lotion.
Lactation consultants are AMAZING!
Breastfeeding is F***Ing hard work the first few weeks. We all feel like failures in the beginning!!!
Don’t give up. Cuz honestly it’s soooooo much easier in the middle of the night then making a bottle!! And it’s free :joy:

Vitamin e gel pills. Prick the pill with a neddle a rub around your nipples. That help me where nothing else did. And it’s not harmful to baby

Push through it, after a couple weeks it won’t hurt anymore.

GOOD coconut oil and the hydrogel pads. It hurts. Go see a lactation consultants for some tips/help/SUPPORT. My last one had lip and tongue ties we had to have lasered at 4 weeks.


Get a lactation consultant to check the baby’s latch. Before & after each feed, squeeze some of your milk put & rub it into your nipples & around them. Do it every feed. Go without a shirt. This helped my nipples more than lanolin

This happened to me and my baby was tongue tied and that’s what was causing the pain. He had the “surgery” yesterday to correct it. Now it’s easy and doesn’t hurt.

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Lanolin is about all I use. It’ll be like that for a while until your nipples adjust. Always takes me a couple months.

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Lanolin cream every time after you feed. An talk to a lactation consultant and find the best latch for you and baby.

These helped heal my nipples after they became chapped and raw, way better than breast pads cause they don’t stick to your nipples

Use. The. Pump. And. Store. The. Milk.

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As weird as it sounds, rub some of your milk around your nipples. It helped me


I went through the same thing … Twice .
the only thing that would SLIGHTLY help me was expressing a little bit of my milk into a bottle and applying that to my nipples , I dont know what it is about it but someone suggested it to me and it did help a little bit occasionally .
I cried alot … Every time I knew she was hungry I dreaded it …
but eventually it gets easier you just have to tough it out through those first few weeks .
I have a 5 month old now that I have exclusively breast fed the whole time .
I have some discomfort every once in a while when shes cluster feeding but nothing compared to the pain in the beginning …
See… I also have a two year old and it was just as hard with her .
I only breast fed her for 5 months then decided to start her on formula .
Even then I figured since I breast fed her… my nipples would be use to it when i started BF my smallest and it would be easier.

NOPE :confused: hurt just as bad .

Its hard, but you can do it . You just have to think of all the benefits that baby will get from you :green_heart: its totally worth the pain and I’d do it again for my girls :grin:
good luck momma :purple_heart:

Nipple shields saved my breastfeeding journey!! My son got to breast feed and I was pain free until my nipples got used to the new job. But please consult with a lactation consultant!! That’s so important to make sure the baby is latching right and to see if the baby is lip or tongue tied.

Took about a month for my nipples to fully heal. I saw a lactation specialist who said he was latching properly but I was still chapped. After a month it healed and was fine. Just keep pushing through. Anyone who says breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt even in the beginning I think is setting up unrealistic expectations.

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