How to thaw breast milk from the freezer?

I recently started pumping and have a few bags in the freezer. I’m going away next weekend and need to know how to thaw it so my baby can eat with the sitter.


Warm water. Just set it in to let it defrost. Of it can be shifted to the fridge to slowest defrost

Place in a glass of warm water… do not microwave.

In the fridge or in warm water. Microwaves will break down the nutrients in the breastmilk.


Put in zip loc bag in case of leaks and run under hot water. It thaws fast

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In fridge or warm water but also remeber it’s only good for 24 hours after fully unthawed so dont unthaw more than u need at a time

Always freeze them flat so they’re thin & thaw fast… & just place them in a zip lock bag under hot running water(have had too many bags tear in the freezer lol), it will even warm it enough for your baby to like it lol

Put the frozen bags in a container - a lot of those storage bags leak when thawing :slight_smile:

You can put it in the fridge the day before to rhaw or you can take from freezer as its needed and put into a cup of warm water. To heat up the milk you can microwave a cup of warm water to set the milk in but do not microwave the milk itself ever for any reason. Breastmilk thaws insanely fast so it only takes a few minutes to thaw from completely frozen when you use warm water. Remember it’s only good for 24 hours once thawed so it may be best to just leave frozen until its needed to prevent waste.

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I just run hot water over it to thaw it and warm it up for the baby. I used to let it thaw in the fridge but it would always smell awful with my other kids

Put the bag in a bowl of hot water to thaw and warm it up.

I used to take the bag of frozen breast milk and thaw it in the fridge the night before or you can run warm water on the bag

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Take out a few days before put in the fridge and let it thaw

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I use the hot water from the Keurig

Bottle warmer let it sit in there

^ what she said. But if you need them immediately, we run them under hot water in the sink to thaw out quickly.

In the fridge or under the faucet gradually making the water warmer

I used to pull like 6 of them out every night and put them in the fridge… Made it part of my routine.

Warm some water up in the microwave. Thaw it in the warm water. Quick and easy.