How to treat acid reflux in babies?

Has anyone had a baby with awful acid reflux? And gas? I currently have my four-month-old on nutramigen. Are there any moms that recommended something better for acid reflux and gas? He wakes up so often with both we are both in desperate need of sleep. I feel awful for him; the only medicine they have for acid reflux for babies doesn’t work for him. The side effects are worse than just acid reflux. I keep him propped up while/after eating, constantly burp him. I just feel helpless at this point. And I was exhausted. Thanks in advance.


Baby Zantac? Or peppermint water. My son was on nutramigen and if I tried to switch he would get stopped up and couldn’t poop. Lots of burping after eating. Prop up crib if you can

Infant gaviscon only thing that worked for my kids

Catnip & fennel drops! You can find at a health store

Our pediatrician had us start cereal with our daughters formula bottles at 3-4 months to help with reflux.

Few questions. How long did you use the baby’s medicine? Did you adjust the dosage at all?
I ask because those turned out to be the problems with my acid reflux baby and the ones I watched at daycare. If you haven’t done those two things, I would. The medicine can take 5-7 days to kick in and really see results.
If you’ve done that then I’d see if gripe water would help. That helped for all my babies too.

If you prop baby up after eating, make sure its at least 10 minutes and in something designed to keep them up. Also, I would not advise propping up the mattress or anything in their crib as that is a huge suffocation problem and increases the odds of SIDS.
Absolutely not trying to scare you with that, but sharing my information from infant development classes.
Best of luck!

I used ready to feed similac allimentum with my son. He has food allergies and still has an awful digestive tract (2 now). The powder formula in made with corn which can be hard to digest. Gripe water and baby wraps were great too for keeping the babe upright after a feeding!

My son had the same problem. Pediatrician put him on famotidine after doing an ultrasound making sure the valve between his esophagus and stomach was working properly. Also try using enfamil a/r formula or gripe water for gas if strictly breastfeeding. If breastfeeding try positioning so air isn’t being swallowed while in the breast

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Gripe water should help

My daughter had severe acid reflux when she was a baby. So bad that she was barely even eating. The doctor finally prescribed her a medicine. It was rough the first two weeks on that medicine because she refused to take it because the acid reflux had started damaging her esophagus. She is now 6 and perfectly healthy no signs of it now.
We were told to make sure that they are burping properly and to try to sit them up when they are eating. Also we were able to put a pillow under her crib mattress to lift it up a little bit per the doctor’s instructions.

Try Enfamil AR, worked wonders for my son. Was able to stop medication

My daughter had to be put on zantac (I also used gripe water) but if he already is and that’s not working ask his ped if you can start giving him baby cereal in his bottle I think my daughter was around the same age when her ped allowed it and it helped :slightly_smiling_face: as he gets older and can start eating foods and sitting up more it’ll get better hang in there

Ask the doc about a wedge under his mattress

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My great granddaughter had to be put on infant formula with rice starch in it ,I think it was Enfamil AE or something like that,the parent got the generic kind at Walmart, it helped her

Use Dr Browns bottles they deflect the air bubbles out of the milk. They worked wonders with all 3 of my girls. My middle one still has severe acid reflux

We had to use nutramigen also plus the acid reflux meds and it my daughter was still super fussy. Colic Calm worked wonders for her after we went through just about every remedy I could find. The colic calm is kind of expensive and I could only find it at Walgreens but it’s definitely worth the money

My second child had acid reflux so bad. He’d throw up after eating.
I don’t remember the medicine he took but we even use to put his car seat in the crib at night to sleep so he would be tilted up , burp more often , it’s been 19 years ago but if I think of anything else useful I’ll add on to this post
Good luck.

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My daughter had bad reflux to the point they had to do surgery to stop hers

Dr. Browns bottles, gas drops, letting them sleep propped up not only after bottles. That’s what helped for my kids

Ranitidine is what I used for my first born and switched to similac sensitive. For my second I used nexium and switched to similac alimentum
And for my third his wasn’t so bad so he used gas drops like my first two and then just switched to similac total comfort.
All kids are different I hope you find what works. Sometimes it’s not the first thing that helps.

Hi try lactogen that was only milk agreed to my niece after trying all the milks on shelves lactogen was the last option nd it really helped for the reflux nd it is not really expensive hope ur baby feels relieve soon :hugs::hugs::hugs: