How to wean from breastfeeding?

I need help going on 14 months of breastfeeding 95% of the time, and I want my body back. My daughter refuses to touch any other bottle rather than her Tommie Tippie only during the day for car rides at night time. She straight chucks a bottle if I try and give her one. Like, nice try, lady, haha. I can deal with that, but I’m living in a smaller place right now while our house is under construction. The point is if she sees, hears, smells, or even thinks I’m around, she loses it if I try and give her a bottle and not a boob. My supply has gotten lower and lower because I’ve been trying to ween her off, but I’m a first-time mom and feel I kinda messed up by starting cosleeping. I know! Bad idea, more in the sense of I can’t get her out of my bed and away from my boob. I just feel like I’m constantly suffocating by the end of the day when she is asleep finally, and I finally have some time and my body back. (TEMPORARILY) lol, my man comes in and wants to have sex, and all I want is to be left alone for a minute, real shit. Not have my breasts or some part of me being groped at constantly. I feel so bad for my man cause he thinks it’s him, but it’s not. It’s me and I need some time and space. I try explaining to him, but he just gets bummed out that I don’t do it with more enthusiasm which has been sucked out of me literally throughout the day. Can I make both of them happy, lol? Moms tired and just wants her bed and body back. And to be happy also.


Basically you just have to stop and tell your daughter it’s all gone. She will be fine since she’s old enough to eat and drink other things.


We started weaning around the same time. Just cut everything but naps and bedtime. Give milk not formula or breast milk in a bottle. Do not give in… its going to be hard. After a few days cut nap time boob then a few days later stop completely. Like above comment tell her its all gone. Good luck mama

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I cut a feeding per week. Started with morning feed, then the one before first nap, then second nap and then bedtime. You can space it out longer too. Whatever works for you and your child

Wear like 2 sports bras then a regular bra a tank top a t-shirt and a sweater lol

I put vinegar on my nips/old bra and told my daughter my milk was bad needless to say she was grossed out :joy:


I’ve been thro that before. My kids doctor said just keep giving them the bottle tell them no to your boobs it’s all gone. Your child will not starve themselves. They will eventually take the sippy cup or bottle or straw cup. My kids doctor also said as long as they are getting atleast 5ml worth an hour they won’t get dehydrated. So a syringe worth. So your good mama. Stand your ground. Your kids will be fine and so will you.

Touch fatigue is very real, having a name for what you’re feeling can be helpful.


My second (now 15 months) born never took a bottle! She refused. I just stopped breastfeeding a few months ago! I started by making sure she is eating enough solid foods first. Then slowly started removing the feedings during the day. Then the hard part, the night ones. Do one by one. She would wake up looking to nurse, instead I just held her, then placed her back down. Be ready for crying, but when you decide you are done nursing you HAVE to stick to it. The process for my little one took about 2 weeks to completely stop breastfeeding. Be patient, and consistent.


At 14 months, I’d be thinking about only two feeds a day and giving a cup. Why introduce a bottle when they’re at an age they should be giving them up?


Give her the cup instead give milk in a cup when she wants it still breastfeed at nap and bedtime and then wean from that

You’ll have to put up with crying but they’ll stop. Hold your grounds or do the vinegar thing.

Bandaids over your nips.

I slowly weaned in a couple weeks time and it wasn’t nearly as rough as I thought. I put Band-Aids on my nipples at the end of the two weeks and told my little guy I had boo boos lol worked great


Don’t give her bottles she is old enough for cups. Tell your husband how you feel show him this post let him read the comments. I think every breastfeeding mother goes through this, every husband gets to feel the way your husband is. But the co sleeping and the breastfeeding need to end it won’t be easy the first week or two of change will be hard but it will be worth it.


To old for bottles . Sooo cups are a good choice . Not much You can do but just stop . I stopped around the same time cause I was pregnant and needed some space before having another one . But by 18 months They want you transitioning to real cups . So just keep trying and when your done your done . Tape them boobs down if that’s what you really want. It’s really hard to stop I know first hand .


I would cut down nursing to naps and bedtime and instead of a bottle, try giving her a sippy cup during the day. If she doesn’t like that give her a regular cup with a straw. I breastfed all 3 of my girls, #1 2 years, #2 18 months and #3 about 2 1/2 years.

Let her throw a fit. It’s not going to hurt her. When she gets hungry enough she WILL take that bottle. As far as the man, they always sulk when they can’t get it every time they want it.

You can eat Healthy and breastfeed both