How was giving birth during the pandemic?

I want another baby so bad, but all of the uncertainty scares me. How was your hospital stay? Did you feel safe? Can you tell me about your experiences?


I gave birth at home with my midwife, her team, my parents, and grandma present. It felt like the pandemic didn’t exist while i labored and delivered. It was an amazing experience. Parenting a baby during this pandemic has been a whole different story though.

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I just gave birth a month ago and it was pretty much normal for us. Just nurses were wearing masks and we had to wear a mask when we left our room.

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It honestly felt like I wasn’t even giving birth during the pandemic. They didn’t make me wear a mask but I know some of my friends did have to but she was the only one. They do make you get a covid test. Honestly it’s not that bad. You don’t have people bugging you to come to the hospital.

My fiance was the only one allowed in the room. My baby was a premie and had to be in the NICU, we couldnt have any visitors and I was the only one allowed to go see her in the NICU not even her father could go. It was super hard and emotional experience having to go through all of it alone.


My friend just gave birth a month ago to her son, and my sister in law gave birth a week ago.
Everything went smoothly. Drs/nurses wear mask. They do test the mother for covid. No visitors in the hospital, and you don’t usually have to stay as long.
I’m also pregnant, due in dec

I had my newest 4 weeks ago and I felt perfectly safe. The hospital I had all 3 of my kids in had protocols in place. All visitors were temp checked when they came and only 1 visitor per day which for me was my fiancé. The hardest part was not being able to have our other kids visit me in the hospital

I gave birth 2 months ago and she was born stillborn. I had to wait 3 hours for a hospital to accept me that actually had a maternity ward.


It was lonely. My first child only my husband was allowed my mom wanted to be there I’m the baby of my family and the last of my siblings to have a child. No visitors so time took forever waiting to go home. Painful sitting around in the tiny hospital room because we weren’t allowed to walk around.

I go in tomorrow to have my second, I had to have the covid test, they’ll ask questions about if I’ve been feeling sick, and I’m only allowed one visitor the whole time I’m in and that visitor has to be the same person each day. They can come and go as they please.

I gave birth in June, it was kinda hard for me. I had to go in for non stress tests twice a week and i couldn’t have anyone with me. I had an ultrasound and was told i could bring one person with me and i took my daughter and was refused the ultrasound. My mom was with me during my other two births and i couldn’t have her with me. My boyfriend was with me of course but my mom is my advocate. My kids couldn’t come in and meet their sibling during the hospital stay and i was in for 3 days. My bf and i didn’t need to wear a mask just when he left the room and went in the halls.

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I think it depends on the hospital my bff gave birth at st Mary’s in may and said only difference is 1 visiter and next day u leave if baby is Healthy

Sad. I gave birth middle of April. I was unable to have visitors, my husband couldn’t even leave the hospital to get food…I was scared of the baby catching the virus while at the hospital and scared to have visitors once I came home. Everything has been so depressing. :sob: he’s likely my last so it’s just so sad that it was my last experience


It depends on where you are. But I have birth in July and it was such. A great experience the nurses always wore their masks and sanitized constantly. Only thing couldn’t leave the room and only one person was allowed in a 24hr period. But the nurses made sure to bring me juice and snacks and such. And my support was able to leave the room just to the doors so my mom could bring me food lol.
But again it really depends on the hospital and the state/city you’re in

Not sure about the birth part yet as I’m only 7.5 months along with my 4th but so far pregnancy has been kind of lonely… Hubby can’t come with me to check ups, or ultrasounds which sucks!

I had our youngest 4 weeks ago today. We were in and out in about 24 hours. My husband was the only one allowed there but he could come and go as he pleased. I wasn’t required to stay masked while I labored or delivered unless I wanted to. Baby stayed in our room the entire time even for tests. I wasn’t required to be Covid tested and neither was husband or baby. It was a happy environment overall. Our third baby and it has been as joyous as ever.


Better wait another year

It was hard for me! I gave birth in the beginning of the pandemic so everything was really strict, I didn’t have the support I needed and a lot of features weren’t available like the nitrous oxide. This was my first baby and personally it really affected my experience. It was not enjoyable.

It was sad that my mom couldn’t be in the room for me giving birth for the first time, but we FaceTimed her and she counted with us as I was pushing so that part wasn’t bad. My boyfriend was allowed to leave the hospital to get us food which I did not understand the logic of. & It wasn’t overwhelming with people coming in all hours of the day. My overall experience was actually really nice!

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I am due in February. We were told only hubby was allowed and no guests

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