How was giving birth in the pandemic?

Hi mamas, I should be giving birth here before January is over. For those of you that have given birth during this pandemic, how was it? Who was allowed to be there with you? Were your other children allowed to visit? Do they test you for Covid? I will ask all these questions to my Dr. on Wednesday, just wondering what your experience was like


I’m in hospital now only 1 visitor which has to be birthing partner no kids allowed once in full labour partner has to stay with you until baby is born not allowed in and back out again and have to have a covid swab 2 days before and self isolate until you are took in if you are being induced like I was hope this helps

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I gave birth in June and my boyfriend was the only one allowed in the room and couldn’t leave until I was discharged, they did let him go outside to smoke once. I did get a Covid test and it was negative. We had to wear masks in the hallway and when the nurses were in the room and I absolutely refused to wear a mask while pushing. We were discharged 24 hours later

Every hospital is different. In the hospital I saw my OB at they were going to test us for covid and we had to wear a mask the entire time. The hospital that ended up delivering at because he came so quickly was different- no testing and we didn’t have to wear masks while in the room only in the common areas like hallways. We were out in 26 hrs and home. My mom kept my older two children and only my husband was allowed but he was allowed to come and go as he pleased.

I delivered in September. It wasn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be… especially considering that this was my first child. I could only have one support person so of course my SO/my daughters dad was there. I couldn’t have anyone else there. We video chatted family after she was born and I was in the mother and baby unit. My hospital tested every patient so I was tested for Covid. My nurses were extra, extra sweet considering the circumstances of not being able to have our loved ones there with us during such a big moment. My daughter was stuck in the birth canal and I hit maternal exhaustion. They ended up having to pull my daughter out with forceps. It was scary the amount of nurses, residents, my OBGYN, and the NICU team that was there. But like I said, they were extra sweet and super comforting!

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I had my little guy when covid was more concerning in July where I live. For me only one person was allowed to be there which was my husband. We were not allowed visitors so my kids met him when we came home but we also did video chat so they could see him and see I was ok. They also did a rapid covid test on me when I went in for my induction. Once the test came back negative we no longer needed masks unless we went out of the room.
Honestly I would have loved to have my mom there as previously planned but it was very peaceful and gave us some nice time with our little one just us.

I had a c-section in October. I had to have a Covid test before. Only 1 visitor but as long as my Covid test was negative he was allowed to leave and come back. No children allowed or other visitors. I didn’t have to wear a mask in my room but in the hallways we did.

I had a baby in July. I had to be tested when I got admitted. I was allowed to have my husband in the operating room (csection) and he stayed with me the whole time and was allowed to come and go as he wanted it needed as long as he was back by 8pm. My kids could not visit. No one could visit. I had to wear a mask also during my csection and any time someone came in my room. Even though my covid test was negative.

Only one support person allowed. No visitors. No testing. Only had to wear mask if leaving my room. Every hospital, dr and situation is different so ask your dr and hospital about their guidelines. Good luck!

I live in ky and had a baby 3 months ago. I was induced so I did have to have a covid test but if you go into labor on your own then no you don’t have to have one. I was only allowed one guest. The guest could come and go as he wanted but I couldn’t leave the room. We both had to use mask when the nurses and doctors were in the room. So that meant a mask while delivering. My nurses and doctors were nice and said I could take mine off while in active labor because I had a covid test before I came in.

Had to be tested a couple weeks before my due date. One person was allowed for the whole time, no switching people, but the one could come and go as they pleased. Had to wear a mask while checking in and in the hallways, but not in the room. All the hospital staff were in masks the whole time. Had little girl in October.

I gave birth in sep in AZ and only 1 person was allowed in. We had to wear masks at all times, but I ripped mine off multiple times during labor. Myself and my 1 person had to be tested before but they could come and go to get like food and things from the outside.

I was tested 4 days before my c section. My husband was allowed. I was also allowed a 2nd visitor if I wanted (Visitors were allowed to switch off). My husband was allowed to come and go. Our son was not allowed. Our twins spent 2 weeks in the nicu and we were allowed to come and go from there as we pleased as long as we didn’t have any symptoms. Masks were to be worn when not in room or when a hospital staff came in and asked us to put one on before speaking to us.
Every hospital is different, so I would definitely ask your Dr as they will know the hospital rules.

I had my baby November 27th c-section only one person aloud and my other children could not visit. I did not have to get tested for covid. I didn’t have to wear a mask in the room just walking the hallways

My 3rd was born 3/20/20 just as it was starting to get bad. Only 1visitor per 24 hours. That meant when my husband went home to be with my other kids my mom or anyone else wasn’t allowed to come. It wasn’t awful but def impacted my birth experience

I was allowed my husband only, no exiting L&D after entry, no visitors. No test, but the only time we left the room was to go to the OR. I was supposed to wear a mask, but threw that thing away during labor.

Yes they test you. Only 1 visitor allowed. I wore the mask until tested then took it off

*I was only allowed 1 person.
*No visitors.
*Yes, I was tested for covid.

I think it depends on where you are and what stage you’re in. I delivered my twins in October in NC. Only had to wear a mask when someone came in the room or when we were in the hallways my husband was the only one that could be there but could come and go anytime and no test. I stayed for about a week 3 different times before delivering . Had a natural birth and didn’t wear a mask.

Hey sweetheart! I had my beautiful babygirl October 3, 2020. No, they did not covid test! You do not have to wear a mask during labor or birth!! Only 2 allowed, unless you have a c-section, then only your boyfriend/husband is allowed, if by chance daddy is not around you get one person!