How was giving birth in the pandemic?

I gave birth last month in SC and there was only one person allowed. No switching people, but the person you choose was allowed to leave and come back if they wanted to. I was tested for Covid; however, they never tested my husband. Everything was fine, just sad my older kids couldn’t be there too.

I had twins… while i was pregnant, my husband couldnt go to any appointments with me until 26 weeks. That was awful. When i was 30 weeks, i was admitted to the hospital and luckily by that time, my husband was allowed to be there with me and come and go as he wanted. I was on the labor and delivery floor for that. I gave birth 8 weeks later (in October) and my husband was also able to be there for that and come and go as he wanted. No other visitors were allowed. Not even my other children. But to be honest, it was actually pretty nice not having any visitors. I was able to have the time with just my husband and my new babies. I was able to FaceTime with my other kids and family members. I was tested for covid while i was there. It really wasnt all that bad. You’d think they would have tested my husband since he was there with me too… :woman_shrugging: but they didnt.

I had a covid test 3 days prior to a planned induction (ended up being a c section). My husband was allowed to be with me and there were additional visitation restrictions, and mandatory masking. I did not have to wear a mask until I ended up in the OR. They also did not make me mask in my hospital room but my husband had to, I did have to wear it in the hall.

No additional visitors were allowed, our daughter was not allowed to visit so she was watched by her grandparents.

I had my third baby in September and the only difference between my other two were having to wear a mask into the hospital (we did not have to wear them during my labor and delivery or my postpartum room) and we were not allowed visitors. I delivered at west penn in pa and my boyfriend could come and go as he pleased, he just had to wear his mask when he left the room.

I gave birth right before the pandemic but work at a hospital. The way we are doing it patient is tested for COVID, only your birth partner is allowed to be there and they are not allowed to leave hospital grounds (if they leave they will not be allowed to come back), no visitors, and you will not have to wear a mask in your room. That being said it’s nice if you put on the mask when a nurse or someone else walks in but you won’t necessarily have to especially if you test negative.

I delivered in July. Only 1 person the whole time and had to be the same person. No visitors. I was covid tested when admitted.

I delivered in august, only one person was allowed to stay the entire hospital stay, no visitors. But he was allowed to leave and get us food if he wanted to. And honestly I’m so glad nobody was allowed in the hospital with us, it gave us time to adjust to our new baby and our new family. It was extremely nice.

I was allowed one support person (my husband). And he was allowed to leave and come back as much as he wanted as long as he was wearing a mask. I was induced so I had to get tested before my induction. We weren’t allowed visitors and our son had to stay home with grandma. My husband went home at night to sleep and make sure our son didn’t wake up.

I had my first in August. It was a c-section. Only 1 support person was allowed with me, no visitors. It wasn’t too bad though because it meant my partner and I were allowed a quiet few days for just us and baby. It was great for bonding! Family was allowed to meet baby once we were home.

Only one support person
Kids are not allowed in hospital.
I did not get tested for covid or asked if i had covid symptoms

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June 5, 2020

1 visitor however I got to change because my mil was with me while I waited for my mom because she wasn’t there yet
I didn’t have to test
Mask on except during delivery and birth
No visitors

I delivered my daughter 3 weeks ago. I had to be tested fir covid first. Hospital I went to is a covid free Labor/Delivery. So if I was positive for covid, I would have to go to a different hospital and my Dr wouldn’t be able to deliver my child. Thank God I was negative.

But it wasn’t bad at all… Could only have my husband there with me. Which honestly is nice not having to have visitors while there… we Had to wear a mask but took off during labor. And anytime the nurses left the room our masks were off. They allowed us to leave the hospital 24 hours later.

I had my 3rd daughter in August 2020. Emergency c-section. My husband was there, I was tested for COVID before we were flown to a bigger hospital. We only had to wear masks while hospital staff was in the room. My daughter spent 5 weeks in the NICU. We wore masks only while hospital staff was in the room. Only 2 people were allowed in the hospital at a time. Our older girls didn’t get to meet their sister until we were able to come home.

I gave birth in June. My husband was allowed in the operating room, and could stay with me. He could not leave the hospital at all or go outside. My other 3 children couldn’t visit nor could any family. And I had to be tested for COVID.
It’s changing all the time, so I would ask you doctor soon.

I live in north dakota, and I gave birth in june. I had a covid test only Because i was scheduled for a c section (didn’t end up happening, my little one had other plans :joy:)
My husband was allowed with me the whole time and could come and go. My older daughter wasn’t allowed to come visit or be up there at all, which was pretty hard :pleading_face: but all around, still an amazing experience!

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Following. I’m due Feb

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I delivered September 10th and I could have 1 person, I got tested. If I tested negative my support person could leave if it was positive the could not leave. They had to wear a mask the entire time. My other kids could not visit. I got asked if I was having Covid symptoms everyday. ( Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.)
The hospital I went to it changes every week depending on the number of cases in our state.

I had a baby in May. I had to test for Covid for my planned induction. I was allowed two support people and a doula. A mask was to be worn outside of the room. I thought it was a very peaceful and quiet experience and allowed me time to bond with my child and husband and not deal with anyone else. This was my first and I was also learning to breastfeed. It worked out well for me.

I had my baby in December I was allowed one person while giving birth. As for visitors I could only have two people.

I have a scheduled c section on Monday, it was supposed to be last week but was postponed due to me receiving a positive covid test. They waited for me to be off quarantine, and will rapid test my husband again when we get there.
They tested both my husband and I (he was negative). You’re only allowed to have one person with you, and once they enter the hospital they can’t leave for any reason even to smoke or go to the car for the entire stay. If they have to leave then they can’t come back until it’s time for you to go home. If he had any symptoms or a positive test he wouldn’t be able to come in. You’re allowed to pick someone else if your original support person tests positive, as long as your new pick tests negative. (I got lucky, I didn’t have anyone else). My other child is not allowed to visit. Your one support person has to be over 18.
I’ve found my hospital has been a little stricter than most but I appreciate their attentiveness.