How was it for you having kids close in age?

I have three kids. The oldest is almost 13, the second is a year old, and I’m due to have another in June. So my second child will still be under the age of 2 when the 3rd baby arrives. My husband is a truck driver and can’t really help so much with the night shift since he has such weird hours and has to get a good sleep so that he’s always alert on the road (understandable). Child #2 is not a great sleeper. It never really was. She still wakes at night. Despite having the sound machine, full belly before bed, etc., just don’t keep her asleep all night. I have replayed scenarios in my head over and over again about what will happen when I’m needed in two places at once when the new baby comes. Not only at night, but during the day too, when I’m alone as the oldest child will be off to school and the husband will be at work. Maybe it’s just anxiety building up, but my question is- How did all you other momma’s who have had children close together to do it? Was it as hard as you thought it would be, or did it just work itself out by winging it a day today? I wish I wasn’t so worried about it, but as the pregnancy progresses, I do feel more anxious about how I’ll manage. Tips on how to get through it are very appreciated.


You will be ok. They will ok. It will be frustrating and I’m sure lots of tears. Just remember it will only last for a little while. My cousin and my sister each had 3 under 3. It all seemed to fall into a rhythm. Remember to let people help when they offer.

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Single mom and mine are 15 months apart and baby #2 was sick and spent quite a bit of time in the hospital early on. I was fortunate to have help from my mom with some things, but honestly you just figure out how to juggle who really needs what. Sometimes one has to wait for the other and sometimes you multitask and somehow it works. You will be fine, don’t worry.

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Get a moby wrap. Im a mom of 9…when #8 was only 4mo i found out i was pregnant with #9 (we are combined i gave birth to 5 and have 4 bonus i raise 24/7) …its hard at first but once u get a routine down it gets better. The moby wrap tho that is a game changer and leaves ur arms free to do other things.

You’ll adapt mama. Baby comes and you learn how to do it.


While breastfeeding the little one maybe you can sleep with the 1 year old

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My first 2 are 1o months apart and my 3rd one is not even 3 years younger than my oldest… you will definitely have your hands full but u will figure it all out.

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Emama Dean spread your wisdom mama. :heart:

You can do it, I had number 2, 3 & 4 within 3 years. Advice to help you get through a baby carrier! Life saving, when new born just wants to be held and number 2 needs attention you can do both at once. If you are able to find some help for those first few weeks, family, friends, partner taking some time off, or a postpartum doula. Just to give you a hand well you heal. You will find a routine that works for you family, I often did an assembly line for diaper changes and bath times. When nursing the baby, try story time with the next, or quite activities like watching a show with them, or just chatting.
Not sure your sleeping arrangement that works for you family, but we had the children sleep in my room when they were small, we bedshared for a while and then they slept on a mattress on the floor in the room when they still needed to be near. I had/have a few that still are not good sleepers, we used diffusors with calming EO in their room, and relaxing teas, But sometimes that just doesn’t help.
Some days will be harder then others, I wont lie to you, there will be moments where both are crying and you have to figure out who can cry for a moment and who needs to be addressed first, and you may be crying with them. But those are only moments, you will be ok, that fact that you are worrying about this shows you have a deep love and connection with your children. Remember to ask for help, when you need it.

Ask your doctor if children’s melatonin is ok to give your then 2 yo.

My eldest two are 9&7 and I have a 1 year old and also due in June. In just hoping for the best :rofl: my eldest two were a dream when younger and amazing with there little brother .just hoping the two smallest will be same as eldest two when younger

You will get use to it my boys are 14 months apart the older one was good off the bottle and slept good. The baby came he was the one who didn’t sleep good at night in the beginning you get them on schedules and remember it’s doesn’t hurt to let them cry while your tending to one. It will all work out!!

I had 3 in less than 3 years. I love them being so close and they are each other best friend and worse enemy. They are 13, 15,16 now. Loving every bit of it!!! Even the moodiness and hormones have made life more interesting!!!

Following. I have a 4 year old a 1 year old and due in may

Being in 2 places at once is a reality for many parents. My kids are. 20,18,17,13,12 and 11. It was easy. They entertained each other. I slept when they did. They are all best friends. They do everything together.

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Try a weighted blanket! I hear it has help a lot of mommas

Well my son was 2 when my daughter was born i tried to include him he waa my little helper he got me diapers or wipies or whatever he could help with id let him it made him still feel included n important and they are close n love eachother i had same fears n it wasnt nearly as bad as i thought he was a major help really dont stress momma everything will work out fine

it was rough but i survived my 2 youngest are 15 mths apart.i was worried but all good.there dad works 2nd shift with his work so he helped when could . plus i work part time 1st shift id be coming from work and he be leaving.and my oldest of the 2 before preschool would not sleep finally got decent sleep after started school. like said im alive.

My boys were 18 months apart and it was almost like having twins. I can’t lie and say it was easy because it was hard until I got them on a schedule. One is 6 and the other is turning 5 in May and it’s now the best. They are so close and do everything together. I have a daughter who is 2.5 and just now starting to sleep through the night.

I’m in the same situation. My oldest two just turned 6, my third just turned 2 on January 9th and I had my son December 18th. I’m 23. My husbands a car hauler. I went back to work at the hospital this week. It’s HARD I’m not gonna lie. Have the older ones “help” with the baby, make them feel included and let them know that’s brother/sister. That’s the only way my 2 year old is okay. She loves him and says “I help” every time she gets his paci or bottle for me then crawls up in the chair with us :heart::heart:
Feel free to message me if you’re ever overwhelmed and need to talk, I know how it is first hand and we all need someone to vent to sometimes. :heart:

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